After I wrote mylast articleto talk about how Buttigieg doesnt care about poor people, his fans were up in arms. Below you can see how quickly their arguments fall apart under the slightest scrutiny.

Errant! How can you claim he wants to make the rich richer? He doesnt have any policies that say Reduce taxes on the rich. Hes a middle class dude looking out for us middle class dudes!

How profound. You mean to say that a democratic politician in 2019 didnt explicitly say I want to make rich people richer? I am shocked

Heres the reality. Buttigieg doesnt need to do anything to make the rich richer, all he has to do is get out of the way. As demonstrated by Biden in his infamous speech to private donors, all the billionaires want is fornothing to fundamentally change. Thats what Buttigiegs trick is. He blinds the middle class with his rhetoric about being on their side and in interviews pays lip service to combating wealth inequality, but when it comes to prioritizing and publishing policy,he is silent. Go on, I challenge you to find his policy that directly addresses wealth inequality (as of the date 10/13/19, heres a clue, they dont).

He doesnt even list it as one of his issues to address at all! Talk about sweeping it under the rug. Nothing to see here folks move on

Errant, he champions policies that other democratic candidates champion, if you dont like him for those policies, you must think all democrats are idiots!

In other words, hes pro-union and pro-minimum wage increase. In both cases he released his policies after other progressives. You gotta give the plebs something while you allow billionaires to continue their economic rape of the middle class.

Putting aside the fact that I dont particularly agree with those policies I think it is extremely telling that he released those policies before releasing anything about wealth or income inequality, even though he spoke about that as a pressing issuemore than six months ago. This shows you where it all lives in his stack of priorities (hint: very low).

Errant, just because he has the most billionaire donors out of all candidates, doesnt mean hes in the billionaires pocket. Hes a middle class dude!

I dont even know where to start with this one. What is the theory here? Billionaires are idiots and they dont look at policies when picking who to donate to? Im going to let you guys in on a secret. There is a reason why Bernie Sanders has 0 billionaire donors. Its because Bernie as president would work to reduce their massive economic advantage, and perhaps more importantly, their disproportionate influence on American policy.

Ill let you in on another secret.There is a reason why agencies in the US look at debt load before granting top secret access.Those who have the least in their pocket have the most to gain by buddying up with the richest and most powerful people in America.

I feel bad for the 580k donors that are fooled by this charlatan and his playbook of cheap tricks. Pete The Billionaires Buttigieg cant wait to sell you out.

Entrepreneur, advocate against wealth inequality

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