is the third single fromAkons third studio album,. The song features Americanpopsinger,Colby ODonisand a rap verse from CanadianrapperKardinal Offishall. Beautiful was released to radio on January 6, 2009. The song has also been released in other three international versions, with different featured artists replacing both Colbys vocals and Kardinals rapping: in Portuguese with Brazilian singerNegra Li, in Dutch with Dutch singerBrace, and in Spanglish with Mexican singerDulce Mara.

The song has also been recorded in three international versions: in Portuguese, with Brazilian singer and actressNegra Li, in Dutch, with Dutch singerBrace, and in Spanglish, with Mexican singer/actress/songwriterDulce Mara. The rap from the original was removed, and Colby ODonis vocals were also removed in favor of the other singers.

The Spanglish version was first performed in an event at Mexico, in April 1, 2009. On the next day, it was leaked for airing and on the internet. The Portuguese version was leaked two days before.

The music videos in Portuguese, Dutch and Spanglish were released at YouTube on June 2, 8 and 9, respectively.

On the Australian compilation albumSo Fresh Summer 2010only, a version features a singing verse sung byLaura Daniel(Rileys voice actor from The Barefoot Bandits) replaced Kardinal Offishalls rapping lines.

Beautiful (featuringColby ODonisandKardinal Offishall) – 5:13

Im So Paid (featuringLil WayneandYoung Jeezy) – 4:29

Beautiful (featuringNegra Li) [Dance Mix] – 4:01

Several cover versions of the song have been recorded. The most notable version of the song is by Sri-Lankan pop group Gravity, who performed the song live at the 2009 premier music competition TNL Onstage, resulting in it soon becoming the most aired track on TNL Radio during the months that followed.34AustralianClare Bowditchalso included a cover of the song as a bonus track on her 2010 studio albumModern Day Addiction.

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