Dating rich men requires a certain amount of finesse. This is not the time to compete so keep your ego at home.

Whether you want a rich man to: pay for college, give you a monthly allowance, put you into his will, get money to start a business, etc! A rich man can show you how. Some women have paved to road to success with help from a rich man and learned how to get rich. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Pay attention to your wardrobe. He didnt get rich so he could date a frump, so its important to maintain your appearance. Keep your legs shaved, your scent pleasant and your hair styled, and if he gives you jewelry, wear it.

2. Use a well toned voice, especially around other people. It does his image no good to be seen with a loud mouth! Do NOT lose your temper with him in public.

3. Keep your thoughts to yourself if you want to date rich men, especially if you are smarter than he is. No man likes to be shown up in front of his peers — especially by a woman.

4. Do not hint at marriage. The best way to lose him is to push the issue. Be content with a steady relationship, and try to cultivate friendships with his family. If his mother likes you, you are in.

5. Encourage gifts, particularly ones that are easily convertible to cash. That way if it doesnt work out, you wont have totally wasted your time.

The above is a short but simple list on how to date rich men, if you play your cards right you might have no more financial worries.

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