Latvia is known for their wonderful architecture, historical buildings and beautiful Latvian women.

It is a small country with only 2.5 million residents. The ethnic Latvians are slipping away at a rapid pace. There are only about 50% of them occupying the country to date.

The remaining Latvian women are gorgeous and do not possess the same ethics as their Russian counterparts do. Below are some things to look for in these beauties.

Latvian women are very feminine. They all look like they are straight out of a fashion magazine. Latvian beauties often dress in mini dresses and high heels. The younger girls like to show off a lot of skin and female attributes. They wear a lot of cosmetics and make sure to paint their eyes and faces with great detail in order to accent their prominent features.

Latvian women carry themselves with great confidence and are proud to be feminine. They do have access to education and learn languages. The younger ladies will most likely understand and speak English. Religion among Latvian women is common but rarely practiced among the younger generations.

The more modern Latvian women are seen as equals to men. They are good caregivers but still must work outside of the home in order to make ends meet. With the event of Russification, Latvians have a fear of being the minority which they are on the brink of, however over 30% of them marry and have children with other ethnic groups.

Latvian women love to go shopping, drinking a good vine and dancing in the night clubs. Going to concerts and the permanent circus is a big thing as well. The more sophisticated ladies go to opera houses, museums, and enjoy fine cuisine. Latvians love to eat. Like a lot of Europeans, they save their partying for the weekends.

As for finding mates, that is something which is easy for beautiful Latvian women to do. However, finding a good one is the hardest part. The men are less than desirable when it comes to their ways and the 49% divorce rate is evidence of that. An interview conducted recently with several Latvian ladies revealed some facts about Latvian men, and how a man can win gorgeous Latvian women over.

Latvian men are considered to be a mess by global standards. The divorce rate and alcoholism is high and so is cheating. The best way to get to a Latvian girls heart is to show her trust. They want 100% devotion as male betrayal is the norm.

Beautiful Latvian women love to parade their beauty. They spend hours dolling themselves up. A man that is constantly aware of the efforts she takes in preparing herself is a sure way to attract these women.

Latvian women love their men to look rugged and masculine. It is trendy for a man to sport that 2 day no shave look. They go crazy over well dressed men that have a sense of fashion.

In general foreigners, especially westerners, are extremely attractive to Latvian women. They seem to associate them with money and as a means for a better way of life.

Some more things to know is that beautiful Latvian women are easily approachable and enjoy the company of men. They are always friendly and welcome strangers into their circles easily.

Latvian beauties love to be the center of attention and be looked at. They are not hung up over sexual conversations and have open personalities. They are far from rude, but they are no where near being shy. Latvian women will always take great care of their appearance well into old age. They are simply stunning and are always looking for a better way of life.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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