Ecuadorian girls baffled me a bit. I wouldnt say I had high hopes for them, but I had some kind of hopes for girls in Ecuador and they quickly vanished. I spent a little time in Ecuador and ended up getting out as fast as I could. I wont be going back and the girls were not the only reason.

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When making travel plans I read reports online, check out a guidebook on occasion, and then go see what the country is like for myself. Ecuador doesnt get rave reviews online, but I had heard some good things. I had plans to spend up to a month in Ecuador. After a few experiences with Ecuadorian girls, I quickly changed my mind on investing much time in the country.

And I still have no idea what happened to girls in Ecuador. Ecuador is right in the middle of Peru and Colombia. Head south to Peru and Peruvian girls are easy really, really easy for a gringo with just a smidgeon of game. Head north to Colombia and Colombian women are pretty hot.

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Girls in Ecuador are neither pretty hot nor are they that easy (this is quite relative). Quite frankly I found every woman I interacted with in Ecuador to be kind of boring. Not only were these girls boring, but Id even venture to say that Ecuadorian women are uglier than even American girls.

You can get laid in Ecuador. There is no question about that, but you may not be happy with the ROI. Youll find gringo hunters in all the major cities in Ecuador. You can get quick lays, but its just not worth the time. Ecuadorian girls are just not that inspiring.

On average, the girls in Ecuador reminded me of Peruvian girls except worse. I found the girls in Peru to be a little taller and Lima had more white skin than any city I saw in Ecuador. Im not saying your cant find hot chicks in Ecuador. You can. All Im saying is that it might not be worth your time.

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If you do want to travel through Ecuador or for some reason you find yourself in the country, Ill give you a quick breakdown of places to go.

Quito:Capital and high elevation. Youll find the most gringo hunting hunnies here by far. Youll also find a crazy number of backpacking gringos, too. Invest as little time in Quito as you can, but its worth a visit if youre in Ecuador.

Guayaquil:Better looking girls than Quito. Still not that good looking. Crime is an issue in the city, as is finding decent accommodation in safe areas online. Workable for a playboy with Spanish, but so are a lot of better places. Close to beaches.

Solid backpacking party spot with a beach. Nightlife jumps every day. The hottest girls in Montanita will always be backpackers. This should tell you all you need to know about Ecuadorian girls. Surf is only consistent during certain times of the year.

Galapagos:I didnt go, but I want to. This is the only reason Id ever go back to Ecuador. Very expensive.

Heres an article on learning simple Spanish to meet girls:

If you are trying to meet chicks in Ecuador, then youll definitely want to give online dating a try. Just like in Peru you wont see many girls walking around during the day that are attractive. Nightlife can be hit or miss throughout the whole country (sans Montanita). In Ecuador, I recommend these sites:

Latin American Cupid If you really want to meet some hot girls in Ecuador, I recommendyou get on Latin American Cupid. The major cities will have some chicks online and they love gringos. If youre only spending a week or two in Ecuador and you want to make sweet love to a sexy senorita then youll need this site.

Tinder Hit or miss in Ecuador. I found the girls on Tinder in Ecuador less reliable than the girls on Latin American Cupid. There are some cuties though. Thegame preached here worksjust fine in Ecuador.

OkCupid I always use OkCupid when I travel because most guys dont. You can burn OkCupid in any city in Ecuador in half an hour

I went pretty hard on Ecuadorian girls. And while Im not a huge fan the girls in Ecuador are not that bad. I mean we are not talking about the infamous Bolivian levels of ugly here. You can find some cute chicks in Ecuador, but youll get better value in a number of other countries in Latin America. As always the best thing to do is see for yourself!

Some of the most beautiful women in the country have white skin. And they know it. The local guys constantly remind them of their beauty. They whistle, they smile, they smile more, and they cry when they get rejected over and over again. But they dont give up.

But why does he have to make it so hard for us gringos?

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Its really hard to seduce a Caucasian Ecuadorian woman.

I mean, she doesnt give a damn about the fact that youre white. Shes whiter. She also doesnt care that youre from the USA. Shes been there multiple times. Shes high-so, you know. And her throat hurts from rejecting one guy after another.

She belongs to thesough-after 7%.You better up your game.

You wont see any of that on your first date with an Ecuadorian girl. Okay, she might dress up for the date. But thats her only dress. The national uniform for the women in this country is jeans and sneakers.

Well, kind of. Shes not as overweight as your average American woman, but her sense of style can definitely compete. Shes not your typical Latina, more the girl-next-door prototype. Maybe you like it. Maybe you dont.

Anyways, you have to survive without long legs in high heels.

What are some languages spoken in Ecuador besides Spanish?

Well, you can try to learn Quichua. Let me know once you are fluent. But seriously, English is spoken by a lot of local women, especially in Quito and Guayaquil. You can definitely meet more English-speaking Ecuadorian women thanCuban women.

The local slang can be a bit tricky. Dont worry. You can use your high school Spanish. They dont speak too fast. They just use a couple of weird words:

Aninado a wealthy person (literally: spoiled)

Mono Costal person (literally: monkeyand yes, its racist)

Impress her with one or two slang words and she wont stay a Coco for too long.

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While nobodys arguing that Ecuadorian girls are as nice as Colombian and Brazilian ones, for example. its not as bad as Bolivia. If you want to learn Spanish then Ecuador is a good option as the accent is very clear. I wouldnt travel there for the girls though.

Yeah, there are reasons to travel to Ecuador, especially if youre touring around South America, but just for Ecuadorian girls nahhhhh. And I havent heard about any women being worse than the ones in Bolivia

Your comments on Ecuadorian girls are right on the mark. Ive been in Ecuador just over two years now. The girls are dumb, speak very little English, and not that pretty. A lot are fat with huge asses. The Colombian girls are hot. They seem to like to prove it in bed! Fortunately, brothels are legal in Ecuador. Its just easier to hit a brothel, buy a 20 oz. beer for $2, and pick a girl. Any girl you chose only costs $10! The girl gets $6, and the house keeps $4. Cant beat the price; but no girlfriend experience like Thailand.

I am Ecuadorian, I am super smart-an attorney actually- Beautiful, and hot hell. You are stereotyping. Probably you are ugly and the girls could care less about you.

Yes you are certainly beautiful Shirley ? have fun in Atlanta!

Youre mad because you spic bitches are ugly as fuck with gross brown skin, dark hair and dark eyes. You werent mixed with enough superior white Spaniard blood! Gtfo with your ugly flat ass

Im sure you look like the gross women he posted on here.

I cant fucking believe you. How dare you post something like this.

Spaniards are an inferior raceIncas are a superior race

@Deanna, If us spic bitches are so ugly, then why do you gringas try so hard to look like us? You tan your clammy, pastey-white skin, get lip injections, boob jobs, and butt implants. If brown skin is so gross, why do gringas spray tan so much? You are a toxic, insecure person who tries to make him/herself feel better by putting others down. Did you lose your man to a Latina? This entire page is a huge insult to women and makes us look as though we are good for only one thing. All of the men commenting on this page are losers.

Shirley I saw your Avvo profile pic. You are hot by Ecuadorian standards. That doesnt mean much.

yea, you are my type of girl shirley; smart, educated & fine!???

Thats stereotyping Ecuadorian women, and you have no right to say that. I know for a fact there are beautiful and smart women in Ecuador, but does beauty really matter? What matters is a persons personality. And as an Ecuadorian women I am offended because I seen smart and beautiful Ecuadorian women. I might not be the most prettiest woman in the world but I know im smart.

Thats because in Ecuador you have really marked social classes!! If you do not belong to a middle high to high social status you wont get in any good social circle or meet a good Ecuadorian girl!! Ecuadorian girls with high social status dont care about Gringos, or American guys, they are hot anywhere and are not desperate for sex or for a partner! They know what they are worth and if you want a good girl youll have to work for it! If you are going to Ecuador to find yourself a women you will probably end up with a non educated women as desperate as you!! American guys that go to Ecuador are not seen as prospects for respectable women, they all know what they are looking for!! In fact youll never see a good looking women walking in the streets, you have to know where to go, and a lot of places dont let Americans in because men hunting for Latin women dont even know how to dress!! So.. thats my point of view!!

You are talking alot of bullshit. I have been here for two years and I can tell it to you how it is. You are probably one of those peluconas that think they are all that. I have lived in Toronto and in Miami most of my life. The average Torontonian woman at a club will smoke any aninada hecha la rica Ecuadorian. They dress so dull, and if they look good it is because of some serious botox or tune up. Luckily my woman is different and has mixed features and will lay the smack down on any of you flat ass beak nose serranas .

Thats right im Colombian and these faggot ugly ass white gringos think they are superior to everyone

Im not overweight and dont think Im superiour to you. Why do you think I do? Are you racist?

I met an Ecuadorean girl once and ended up marrying her. She was absolutely beautiful, smart, and we had that sort of intense passion between us that can only come around once or twice a lifetime. I say only once or twice a lifetime because that level of passion is often as bad as it is good. She ended up getting us both arrested (I may have stoked the fire a bit) and attempted to sabotage my career (watching her do that in front of my face was the worst moment of my life) all in one explosive final night. We began the divorce proceedings and she was cruising for dudes less than a month later. The worst part? I open my eyes every morning and wish I could see her smile, laugh with her, take the day off to laze around with her. I literallly cant help it; my slumbered mind desperately seeks to relive those moments while I can still feel the touch of her skin as if doing so will stall times cruel fade.

As bad as it sounds, I actually dread the day that I wake up and get out of bed without thinking of Andrea.

You guys dont want any of this shit: dont go to Ecuador for the women. Go for the beautiful countryside, delicious empanadas, and pleasant folk. Just make sure you hold onto your seat if an Ecuadorean woman catches your eye for anything more than the length of your stay, your life might get pretty weird.

I know what you mean. I married a babe from Ecuador. Nine years later with two kids, and she decides to start cheating. I lost my car, job, apartment, went to jail, and now Im homeless because of a torn passport. They are great in the beginning, but they got serious egos that inflate fast and almost no loyalty to anyone outside their family. If you marry one in the USA and give her citizenship; youre fucked.

just want to give you some inside information.

15 years after my ecuadorian school prom i saw at facebook that every above average beauty girl has married a foreigner and is actually living abroad: US, Belgium, Argentina, Hong Kong, Dubai, you name it.

also, every above average intelligence guy is also working and living abroad, me included.

What makes Bolivian and Ecuadorean girls less attractive? My buddies and I were having this discussion the other night and couldnt seem to pinpoint it.

They dont have enough white blood thats why.

Theyre ugly as fuck because they have more indio features.

Gringos go there for an easy lay because white men are the most gorgeous men on the planet and can get any woman they want. Simple. Even ugly white men can go to any Latin american country and fuck bitches.

You truly have an issue with woman. I am ecuadorian but my grandparents are Russian jewish and italian ecuadorian. White man are not thr best at all, but spaniards, argentinians and jews, brazilians. White trash guys do not know how to dance, I think Deanna you surely must be ugly and is clear you have suffered rejection. Why dont we do this lets post a pic of you and I. You speak surely like a hot gal. Surely I am, I dare you

It is absolutely disgusting to me that somebody can talk like. I am an Italian Ecuadorian woman and gringos really just are not my type. Sure everybody has their preferences, but to say that white men are better than anyone else is just disgusting to me, especially with how rude and vulgar you sound.

You are a very angry person!! You are probably just a internet troll!! But if you are not,may I suggest a psychologist or psychiatrist for you!! You really need help!! As far as Ecuadorian girls are concern. They are like any other girls. Some are good,some are bad,some are beautiful,some are not. What I think is most important is a persons character and sense of self!!!

If theyre so gorgeous and can get any woman they wantwhy would they gonto the place with the ugliest women???? You make no sense cause youre an idiot.

Lmao if white man are so beautiful then why is the retard who wrote this blog, having problem getting laid by them. And goes to brothels instead since he is so handsome . You retarded racist idiots theres beauty in all races! Every race has both hot and ugly people in it. Dont be mad cause you lost your man to a hot Latina. Im an Ecuadorian male and guess what I bang all the blondes cause theyre attracted to me, And the smart ones too. Ecuadorian girls for the most part has values! Thats why they dont care if a gringo walks by.. its not like the typical American trash woman who bangs anything that moves in the clubs after a few shots. The truth hurts. Sorry not sorry

atrocious flat asses ..ugly faces short and nerdy

You truly are disgusting both inside and out. I bet youre home alone on a computer typing the hateful shit youre posting.Youre a sad human being. I truly feel bad for you. I pray youre mom never has to be told the same things you say about other women.

where are the ebooks I ordered today 02-25-17???

Hi Keyren, Weve sent you an email. Thanks for the inquiry!

Well Im Ecuadorian and I mean you are not my type of men if you think a beautiful women is that one that goes to bed with you in less than an hour thats disgusting you guys disgusted me

ur disgusting yes crappp and piece of shitt u dont know nothing poeple here are stunningg and cluding my child

I was once married to an Ecuadorian women. Young,beautiful,and sexy. First year was great,i was a happy camper. BUT2nd year & after BB came,she started to change,making more demands & second guessing my decisions. Family & friends of mine did not want to even talk to her.Well,long story short,i ended up in the divorce from hell !!! Her true character came out & it was pretty ugly. Knew an Ecudorian family when i was in highschool,they were ok,but lacking in culture also.

Im so proud that you do not like us, you deserve a prize for keeping away men of your class in my country. Thank you!

While reading this shitty articule i realized that there are really stupid people in the world just like you who think that they can just go somewhere and start telling women they are ugly and dumb and that it is a bad thing that they are not *easy* also going to a place just for the womens is really stupid and there are many beautiful girls in Ecuador sadly for you you are just an asshole and probably a really ugly dud and werent able to find any girl that wanted to sleep with you so you just decided to say that we are all ugly and not easy enough for you and the part that says that we are not smart thats bullshit too because I speak 4 lenguajes and let me tell you I can be consider a pretty hot girl

Coming from a black guy, 16 years old. Personally this is all too funny because while reading this, the girl that I like is ecuadorian. To me shes really beautiful. Dont get me wrong, Ive seen many people in every race who, well lets just say I wouldnt marry. Nonetheless, the one I like is beautiful and Id marry her because of her and as a comment mentioned above, personality. So yes, her beauty isnt even why I like her, thats just an awesome bonus.

I agree with some of your statements. I havent been to ecuador, but I have seen and have ecuadorian friends ( 2 🙁 ) Nice people though.

While I do respect your opinion, it is slightly stereotypical dont you say? My mother was born and raised in Ecuador, and my father was born and raised in Italy. I was born and raised in Ecuador, and many people here dont actually speak English because there is not much of a need to It is a Spanish speaking country after all. However, saying that a majority of Ecuadorian women are dumb or boring is inaccurate. While yes, you have people who arent intelligent, can not hold an intellectual conversation, and do not have much of a personality you have that in every country. So maybe next time try not to judge all of us Ecuadorian girls, by the few experiences you had with us, since we are all different and have different personalities.

This is the thing, I have seen it in Thailand, Philippines and all over South east Asia, the Americano men thinking everyone wait for them. He comes from USA is the greatest country ever But sorry it is the dollar that give you success. Is it really success? Germans has the same problem. Other western nationalities have this problem less and are more taken by the women for what they are. Peter I am Gringo too but not an USA one.

As an American gringo, Im very embarrassed by some of the comments here. I apologize to the Ecuadorian women who wander across this page. We are not all pigs, like some of the posters above. Im not coming to Ecuador to find a woman. If I find someone I get along with, great. If not, thats fine too. Im no male model, and I wouldnt expect my woman to be a model, either. Some silly arguments and insults on here.

Absolutely. Im an American, too, and this is a shame. American men are kind and honest, in my experience.

Speaking as a native Ecuadorian, this article is spot on. Really. And its always been that way: most middle-upper class Ecuadorian chicks are raised for one thing onlyget a husband, prefferably one that keeps you. If you want something like a one night stand, youre gonna have to go do some serious hunting. This has changed a bit lately, but unless you want to go after 19 year old girls, dont expect much action. Lately, theres a lot of girls from Venezuela living in Ecuadorbut as you can imagine, competition to get them laid is tremedous. So, if youre not too picky and want to spend a few bucks meeting someone and trying to see if it leads somewhere, go ahead. You will find some awesome chicks in the town called Manta, in the coast. Amazing girls looking to scorebut you GOTTA be sharply dreessed if you go to the most upscale bar or disco. They are prettu tuck up anyway. Best of lucks.

Great article and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is really the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂

I was at a medical conference in Chile a few years ago and I ran into a group of Ecuadorian medical students. I remember them being especially rude to me, openly mocking me for some reason. I did not experience that from other nationalities. Are Ecuadorians like the French of South America?

LOL Im sorry you had a negative experience, I havent heard that before. Im not sure, but I can say from experience Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia are great. Ive written a little about them.

Im living in Cuenca now. Every day I see many, many very cute women about town.

A lot of truth being said. You can meet the right person anywhere. It should be magical. For me yes. Thats what I want. Go 4 it

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