IF YOU want to bag yourself a billionaire husband, who you gonna call? Well, you might want to start with 32-year-old Anna Bey.

Anna Bey is the founder of and educates women on bagging rich menSource:Instagram

HER job is to bag billionaire boyfriends for women wanting to live a luxurious lifestyle.

At 32, Anna Bey teaches women how to enter high society and transform themselves to live up to their potential.

As the founder of m, Ms Bey who dates a banker says her affluent lifestyle is down to one thing the men she chooses to date.

Originally from Sweden, Ms Bey left home at 19 and travelled to Italy, where she was introduced to the wealthy lifestyle by a typical rich kid.

Earlier this week, the Instagram star said once you dip your toe in to the world of wealth, its hard to jump out.

Anna said in an interview that she couldnt love a poor manSource:Instagram

Once youve tried this luxurious lifestyle its hard to go back, she told British TV hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, citing that she couldnt fall in love with a man without money.

There are unwritten rules that we have to adapt to if we want to be a part of that lifestyle.

So that usually means that you have to do a transformation with yourself. With your looks, your behaviour, everything.

In order to maintain her lifestyle and continue dating wealthier men, Anna herself has lost 15kg and had a nose job as well as fillers in her cheekbones and chin.

Im totally pro plastic surgery, if its going to improve your life quality, which it might, she toldLondon newspaperThe Times.

It can help you attract a higher quality of partner.

Anna said only a small percentage of billionaires and millionaires have plain Jane girlfriendsSource:Instagram

When questioned about equality and whether she simply runs a school for gold-diggers, Ms Bey said her teachings at her School of Affluence help women to understand theres nothing wrong with living off wealthy partners.

The women should have a choice whether she would work or not, she said.

I dont think (working) should be forced upon women in high society. I dont think women should be judged if theyre not working.

I dont think everybody has to do this. Im speaking to a particular type of women who wants to upgrade her lifestyle.

Anna has transformed her physical appearance including a nose job and fillers, as she believes its necessary to flourish within high societySource:Instagram

I dont think I could (date someone who isnt wealthy). I do prioritise a comfortable lifestyle, as well as love.

In anin-depth interview withThe Times, Ms Bey admits her lifestyle has resulted in partying and socialising with famous faces in extraordinary places.

So there was one time when I was partying with Paris Hilton on a billionaires private yacht that was supercool, she said.

Or another time I was dating an extremely rich guy, travelling with him everywhere. It was like being in a movie: there were always bodyguards; hed give you cash in a bag and say, Hey, go shopping.

Ms Bey, who has over 13k followers on Instagram, says men have offered her a fast track into an affluent lifestyle for her and her clients.

Its easy to think they can solve all your problems and theres nothing wrong with wanting that, she said.

But there are some very nasty, evil people in the rich world. It took me a while to navigate it and to be fine in it. I want my girls to be clever about how you position yourself, because that will become your protection.

Anna teaches women via online videos how to behave in certain social situations, like being on a yacht or eating oysters correctly.Source:Instagram

Her online finishing school, the School of Affluence, aims to help other women avoid common mistakes made when dating wealthy men and entering the world of the rich.

Some of her online tutorial classes include how to behave on a yacht, how to eat an oyster and how to dress.

To succeed in the jetset world you have to have elegance, but that came later for me, she said.

In the beginning, I wouldnt say I was behaving trashily, but I could have been more refined. I was using bad language. I could be a bit aggressive. I used to get drunk thats not classy.

I had to figure it all out by myself and Ive always said I wished I had someone like me around to help, because my journey would have gone so much faster. But the other girls I was hanging out with were so tight-lipped. No one wanted to share their secrets.

Anna says shes been called an escort and a whore for her teachings.Source:Instagram

According toThe Times, Ms Bey was born in Estonia, then part of the Soviet Union, but her family emigrated to Stockholm in search of a better life when she was three. Today, her mother is a lawyer and her stepfather (shes never met her Finnish father) works in IT.

The 32-year-old has a closed Facebook group where women are able to discuss the good and bad of being in relationships like Ms Bey.

She said more often than not, she is criticised for her teachings about relationships but doesnt let that phase her.

Were very niche and the topics we discuss are very taboo, she said.

So many people judge us. They say its just a gold-diggers club, but its not. Theyll say, Youre an escort, Youre a whore I know, Ive been called all those things.

When it comes to paying her own way, either at a restaurant or on holiday, Ms Bey said men should bear the brunt of all costs because women have to endure enough burdens in life.

From holidays to dining out, Anna Bey said men should pay for everything.Source:Instagram

Feminism is really important for me, she said. I used to march for it in Sweden.

But women have a lot of disadvantages in society, so let us have some fairness when it comes to money. Dont make us split things.

Im pro-equality, but in the animal kingdom and in humans there are gender roles. Men should provide for us because that is their instinct and its how they express their masculinity, and women express their femininity in other ways. If we blend them together, the biggest loser will be the woman.

But despite her view on money, she insists women shouldnt throw away their career and independence.

Anna Bey has been with her boyfriend for two years.Source:Supplied

I dont support the idea that women are totally dependent on men, she said. Its too risky. Everyone should have savings, work experience. If something happened to my partner I dont want to be left standing on the street.

When I met my boyfriend he was like, Im happy to provide for you, but you need to occupy yourself with something youre passionate about.

For the first time Ive found the right balance of a man who offers me the lifestyle I have always wanted but who is also very genuine. I feel I can trust him. I think it helps that we have the same background. He didnt come from a rich family either.

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