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AITA for subjecting my boyfriend to my nakedess?

I (32F) live with my boyfriend (35M) of 5 years. We live together in an awkwardly shaped apartment with a long, narrow living room and a tiny bedroom. As a result, our dresser is in the living room.

After work, I like to come home, greet my boyfriend whos usually relaxing on the couch, and change into my gym clothes. While Im changing in the living room, we usually talk about our day. Well today, I started telling him about an annoying co-worker while I was topless. Out of nowhere, he abruptly stops me and curtly says, dont talk to me when youre naked. I was really taken aback by this. Embarrassed, I went into the bedroom to dress in peace.

Angrily, I came out and asked my boyfriend why he suddenly had a problem with me being naked. Before I get into his reasoning, I will admit that I am naked quite a bit. For instance, after I shower I like to do a naked Kermit style dance to dry off in front of him. Anyway, his discomfort is that seeing me naked all the time makes it less special when we have sex. He even mentioned that this issue came up in Seinfeld and that Jerry would side with him. I dont know about this, I feel like I have a right to be naked, but I dont want him to feel uncomfortable either.

Anyway, should I let my fur flag fly or AITA??

UPDATE: Before I dive in, you guys really came through with the solid advice! Thank you! Ok, so after this incident I decided to cool off and go to the gym. When I got home my boyfriend sheepishly greeted me. I coldly said hi and sat on the couch to play on my phone. While Im sitting, he walks over to me and without saying a single word, begins to start stripping! He gets butt naked, picks up my free weights and starts doing lunges, squats, bicep curls, you name it! I watched him in silence until we both couldnt take it anymore and started laughing. He then apologized, saying he doesnt have a problem with my nudity, he just doesnt like to have prolonged conversations when Im naked. I understand where hes coming from, so we agreed that any conversation longer than 5 minutes will require a shirt. Tough, but fair.

Thank you again for your helpful comments! They were really thoughtful and made me think deeper about how I was making him uncomfortable. In terms of saying that me being naked all the time makes sex less special, he said it was a dumb comment that he only said in anger. I accept this.

Im also a bit obsessed with all the Seinfeld comments. Jerry is absolutely an asshole and using him to argue your point is hilarious. Now Kramer on the other hand…

And thank you to everyone who supports my Kermit dance! I will confidently dance dry after my shower tonight. But for no longer than 5 minutes. I know the rules.

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