Your Essential Guide to Finding an Asian Bride

Do you want to date some of the worlds most beautiful women?

Do you want to meet ladies who are genuinely interested in you, and will make you the centre of their lives?

In this article Ill lift the lid on some of the secrets of date Asia dating the mostbeautiful Asian womenyou can possibly imagine.

Date Asia by Knowing the Law of Supply and Demand

Japan is home to many beautiful Asian women, but its not as easy tofind a wifehere as it is in Thailand or the Philippines

Asian dating (and dating in all countries) is really driven by the laws of supply and demand. Know this, and your place in the grand scheme of things, and youll know which Asian dates are worth looking for, and which are above or below your chances.

The demand for Asian women is really driven by three factors: nationality, age and looks. I guess Western women will think Im being pretty shallow here, but this is how things work.

As far as nationality of lady goes, these Asian women are most popular, at least in terms of how difficult it is to find a wife from these countries. Most difficult is at the top:

So if you want date Asia success then youll need to know that finding aJapanese wifeis hard, but finding a Filipino wife is much easier.

Now to age. Asian men generally prefer to marry women in the 21-25 age range. Anything over this and women are considered Christmas cake ladies (over by their 26th). This is especially so in the developing countries such as China, Thailand and the Philippines.

This fact of life is to do with childbirth as much as anything. For all its progress, infant mortality rates are still much higher in China than in the USA or another Western country. And the younger the woman, the less likelihood there is of childbirth related complications.

With the older ladies, Western men tend to see Asian brides in the 26-36 age group.

Obviously looks are important for men, and beautiful ladies in any country are always popular!

One big advantage Western men have is that they usually consider women to be beautiful even if theyre not considered beautiful in their own country. So you can date Asian women who you think are 8s or 9s, but in their own country they might be considered a 6 or a 7.

So if youre interested in dating Asias hot women, how can you improve your chances of dating the best looking women? Here are five factors that make a difference:

Looks. Women tend to prefer better looking men, thats simply the selfish gene at work. So work out, lose that belly and youll improve your chances of meetinghot Asian womenfor dating.

Grooming. Asian women dont always want to marry men with movie star looks. But one thing they do like is good grooming. Make sure youre well dressed, and pay attention to personal hygiene. This is especially so if youre visiting a sub-tropical Asian country like Southern China, Thailand or the Philippines.

Language. Spend some time learning a little of the Asian language of the country whose women you like best! Im speaking from personal experience here when I say that coming out with a few words of Mandarin Chinese or another Asian language on a date is always going to impress your date!

Culture. Many Asian women are very apprehensive about marrying from outside their culture, so theyll be much more interested in a man who has an obvious interest in their own culture.

Date Asian women and your life will never be the same again

Age difference. Men often date Asian women because they want a younger wife. Head to the Philippines or Thailand and its not too hard to find a wife who is 20 or more years your junior. However, youll generally have a more successful date if you stick to women who are closer to your own age. Theyre also much more likely to be marrying for love.

Study/work/vacation in Asia. One surefire way of getting plenty of hot Asian dates is to live in Asia for a while. So why not retire to Thailand, or go teach English in China? If youre a professional guy working in finance, IT, loaw or another in demand skill then you might also be able to find an expat job in a major city like Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore or Hong Kong. Or maybe you can take a 3-12 month extended vacation from your job or existing family commitments. Trust me when I say that arranging dates on a dating site then spending 1 or 2 weeks in Asia meeting ladies is really not the best way of finding anAsian wife. Its far better to spend a few months in Asia, so you can take your time, date loads of women and then choose the ideal Asian bride for you.

So these are a few ways of dating Asian women. If youre interested in meeting Asian women, then sign up to anAsian dating siteand get chatting!

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