When it comes to Africa and the African women, it is safe to say that there are many stereotypes about them. However, one thing is certain African beauties are mesmerizing!

Africa is the best kept secret in the world. It is very rich in natural resources; it is home to some of the oldest civilizations; it has breathtaking landscapes and coasts; it harbors many cultures and religions and of course it is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

For sure many Africans suffer from oppression, poverty, and communal and infectious diseases, however there are many affluent and civilized societies here as well.

The women here are just as diverse, however most have similar appearances and depending on how westernized they are, many women are free to do as they wish. Here are some generalizations about beautiful African women.

There are whites, blacks, Asians, and Indians in Africa. In Africa, many cultures take great pride in how they look. The women here are almost always feminine. Some wear western style clothing, other in traditional tribal wear, and some in customary Muslim fashions. Almost all Africans will look their best no matter their situation.

Overall, education in African countries is sub standard at best. There are many improvements being made in some countries and in others progress has either been short lived or nil. Women in Africa work, excel in education, and take on positions of power. Unfortunately as whole, this continent has the most illiterate people on the globe.

Marriage and religion here takes on several forms. Islam seems to dominate. African women that live in less developed countries usually have an abundance of children. Also, men in many cultures take on several wives or step out for adulterous affairs. Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS is endemic in some parts of Africa because of ill safety practices and lack of awareness.

Almost all African women are busy bodies. In Africa, the women are far from lazy. In some countries they have national sports teams. These women are extremely hard working individuals. In most countries in Africa, women hang out with other women and are though of as 2nd class citizens. Many have rights they are not aware of and other simply do not express them because of societal barriers.

In some countries dating and freedom of mates are acceptable, while in other it is unheard of and marriages are often arranged. Here are some good tips to implement while pursuing beautiful African women.

Depending on where she is from, African women may be able to date willingly. If she is not allowed to date, chances are she is part of a clan or tribe, or is Muslim. Either of these situations will require a lot money and the permission of her father or brother. Muslim women are easily identified by how they dress or carry themselves. Get to know this behavior.

Polygamy is common in many African countries. If she is raised in this manner, chances are she is Muslim. If she is a Christian or other religion or culture, she will expect monogamy. Unfortunately in many African cultures men often step out on their wives.

In almost all African countries, social status is very important. It is unlikely that beautiful African women will ever be with men of a lower caste than themselves.

Family and traditional values are a quality that most African women possess and they take it seriously. They will likely want to have children, take care of their home, and make sure everything on the home front is managed.

Almost all modern beautiful African women care about how they look. She will expect her man to do the same. Men that have no regard for appearance simply need not apply unless he is fully loaded with cash. Even then she might try to force a certain look upon him.

African women are gorgeous and many are wanting to be treated as equal while carrying on their role as female. This is not such a hard thing to accept especially from a man of western descent.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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