are found in every countries in the world, but it is true that some countries and nations are lucky enough to have prettier and hot girls as compared to the other places. But it doesnt mean the beauty is restricted to these lands only. What I mean to say it here you can find plenty of gorgeous,and men in a much higher proportion. So lets check out the list of top 10 countries with the most beautiful girls in the world.

The women and young girls of Singapore have fair skins and medium heights. Their appeal is reflected in the unique and distinctive way they walk. More than this these ladies long and shiny hairs are enough attractive to grasp our attention.

The South Korean beauties possess innocent and appealing personalities. The girls of this country look really attractive due to their innocent and cute looking face. This is always well reflected in the South Korean movies that how much beautiful and charming these females are.

Brazil is a land of beauties. No matter you name its natural beauty of the beauty of human beings, always there is some spark to enjoy with in this country. The school and college going girls of Brazil truly look beautiful and stunning because of the highest level of innocence which is being reflected from their faces. In addition to this the adult females have bold and attractive bodies which are enough to make us crazy.

Ukraines women are among the most bold and beautiful women in the world. These ladies have so far won a lot of Miss World and Miss Universe awards and you can see a lot of beauties of Brazil participating in different contests around the globe.

Denmark is gifted with numerous beauty pageants and fashion models. This small yet beautiful land is full of hot and sexy looking girls. Basically the females here take good care of their health and do everything to make them attractive and cool looking.

TheRussian girlsare not only bold but also usually long-heighted, which means here more than average number of females have fairly long heights and gorgeous figures. The rate of obese women in Russia is close to none.

India is a mulch-cultured land where the women of every age group and every culture can be found easily. Overall the young girls of India are beautiful, no matter they are fat or slim; long heighted or short heighted. What makes these girls amazing and beautiful is their personalities and black-shiny hairs which you cannot find anywhere else to this much extent.

The Argentina females are always beauty conscious. These ladies especially the young girls pay much attention on their skin and hair care and do their best to look hot and bold. This is why the overall girls of Argentina are charming enough.

Venezuela is a beauty gifted land. Here not only the natural beauty is highly admirable but also the hot and gorgeous females are every eye loving. Venezuela has won various Miss World, Miss Universe and other awards which make us believe that the girls of this land are really hot and appeal to make the outside worlds people crazier.

United States is not only a land of natural beauties but also a place where the people are charming and beautiful. The women and girls of USA possess remarkable beauties. They love to style their hairs as per the current fashion trends, which is a plus point to enhance their beauty and appeal.