Finding Mr Right Kit, Susannah, AlisonSingle, successful and not searching for husbandsbut love finds them anyway! When Jarrett Webster challenged Kit to organize a charity fund-raiser, a bachelor auction seemed idealwith Jarrett as the prize! Bids were sure to flood in, and itd be blissfull revenge for Kit to see Jarrett sold to the highest bidder. That would teach him to tease her about being Ms Career Woman! Annoyingly, Jarrett was completely happy to offer an intimate date on his private island. A whole weekend in paradise, with the sexiest man on earth! Try as she might to stop herself, Kit couldnt help thinking how exciting it would be if she could win the billionaire date.

Kit has been put in charge of the PR for a charity fashion show. Two models disappear right before the show, and although she fills in for them at the last minute, the show ends in utter failure. The chairman of the event, Jarrett, arrogantly demands that she fundraise fifty thousand dollars in one month to make up for the lost donations. Jarrett is the owner of one of the biggest lingerie companies in America, and he is sexy enough to appear in advertisements with his models. I know! Kit has an idea. Ill plan a bachelor auction and make him join, too! If its successful, Ill be able to raise the funds and get my revenge!

Date my billionaire boss? No way Too bad it was a blind date. Bella: My dream of a successful art career consumes my life, so I didnt want to join the dating app. I dont have time for it, but somehow, my best friend persuaded me. Fine. Whats one night? One date? I ended up matched with YourMan01, a guy who seems only interested in hooking up. Im not interested in forever, so YourMan01s plans sound okay with me. Besides, meeting this stranger might turn my thoughts from the only man I truly wanta man completely off limits: My boss, Chase OMalley. This new dating site is unique: they screen the applicants and set up the date. I have no idea what he looks like. We just have a time and place to meet. And if sex enters the picture, good. That might distract me from Chase. I need my job with OMalley Financial to keep myself afloat while I pursue my art, and daydreaming about my demanding boss is the surest way to get myself fired. Even if he were interested, Chase always has a new woman on his arm. Anything between us wouldnt last. What would happen when it ended? That would ruin everything. Chase: Ive waited too long to claim her, but now, Bella is mine. Whats the point of being a billionaire if you cant use your wealth to sway your fortune? Membership dating sites are lucrative right now, but thats not even close to why I started one. For once, I dont care about the money. My entire objective: My new assistant, Bella Renfroe. When she finds out what Ive done, shell be furious, but that wont stop me. Shes going in blind, but this date will open her eyes. Soon, shell be in my bed, in my life, and totally, irrevocably mine. NOTE: This book was formerly titled Blind Date.

A misunderstanding behind them, Kelsey and Tyler move from flirting to dating. And as Kelsey quickly discovers, dating billionaire Tyler Olsen is practically a full time job. When they return to her hometown for the holidays, Kelsey finds resistance from a surprising party. But now that Tyler has committed to her, he has no plans to give her up. For anyone.

Youve been chosen to date a billionaire! Beth is startled to receive such a phone call. It appears her neighbor entered her in a competition without telling her! The prize is a date with Kane, a famous billionaire, but Beth is not interested and rejects this golden opportunity. The news reaches Kane and his heart is ignitedno woman could ever reject him, could she? His pride hurt, Kane vows to win over Beths heart!

Samantha Matthews turned her back on her wealthy family to focus on social work. Those who know her think shes the heart of kindness. Those who know her really well know shes in a never-ending battle to make up for the harm her familys companies inflict on the world. Which is how she finds herself at a charity bachelor auction of all places. But oops, she was supposed to bid on her bffs brother as a favor and accidentally bid on the wrong guy. Sue her for not being able to tell one stick-in-the-mud CEO from another. Backstage, she goes to tell him not to worry about having to go through with a date or anything, but the oafish billionaire cuts her off dismissively. Looks her up and down, hands her a card with his assistants contact details, and reminds her that sex is definitely off the table. Oh, shell call the assistant all right and have her make sure he wears jeans and comfortable shoes and to pick her up at seven a.m. The only hammering this guy is going to be doing is at Habitat for Humanity. Too bad he turns out to be nothing like she expected.

When Lia Malcolm agrees to take part in a fundraising auction to raise money for the theater she does art direction for, she doesnt realize that the grand prize is a date with her. And when the son of one of the theaters biggest donors, cocky billionaire playboy Travis Paulson, bids to win, she couldnt be more annoyed. But, as one date turns into three, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Travis-against her better judgement. With the fate of the theater hanging in the balance, can Lia find a way to keep Travis close without letting him get inside her head? HOT, SEXY, and SWEET! A fast-paced billionaire love story filled with sensuous heat! No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after! Warning: This book contains some hot and steamy sex scenes. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Cara Connellys second Save the Date novel proves that opposites do attract . . . The playboy Sexy billionaire Adam LeCroix has a mission: hunt down the sultry spitfire he blames for his troubles, demand her help, and exact revenge while hes at it. Maddie St. Clair will help him . . . or else. The prosecutor Former prosecutor Maddie damn near nailed Adam for stealing, but the lucky bastard walked. Now, five years later, hes back, arrogant as ever, giving her an ultimatumwork for him to collect the insurance money, or shell never work again. The problem Maddies all about right and wrong. Adams shades of gray. So when he uncovers the hot body under her hard-ass veneer and she finds hes a thief with a heart, can the law-and-order lawyer and the fast-and-loose felon put their prickly past behind them?

Hed carved out his empire with hard work and steely determination. But now billionaire Gavin Masons reputation was in question. All because he resembled a character in Violet Tandys bestselling novel. Since hed never even met the woman, she had some serious explaining to do. Seemingly innocent Violet claimed her work was pure fiction, but no one in Gavins elite social circle was buying it. The infuriating beauty owed him big-time, and he found great pleasure in making her pretend to be his girlfriend. Still, Gavin wondered if having her this close would destroy his most prized statusthat of confirmed bachelor.

The Billionaire S Blind Date Valentine S Day Short Story Mills Boon M B

Single mum Nell is struggling to meet new men, but her friends have lined up a blind date with the man Nell should have married all those years ago. Now hes got one day to persuade her to be his! February is the traditional month of love, when Cupid gets busy.

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