You dont need us to tell you just how beautiful Latin women are Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara.

If youve arrived on this page then we already know that you think Latinas are hot, but youre probably looking for tips on how to find yourself a Latin wife or girlfriend.

So, weve put together a guide on finding Latin women for marriage, or just how to go about dating hot Latina girls until you find the woman of your dreams.

It is not really that complicated if you have a plan.

Latin women grow up with a different set of expectations than most women, certainly than women in the United States and Europe. And their childhood, of course, shapes the sort of wives and mothers they are going to be.

First, Latin American girls are likely to have been almost totally raised by their mothers. And their mom is likely to be very young too becauseteen pregnancyis an epidemic across the region. And often these teen moms are very young.

That means a twenty-one-year-old girl might have a thirty-four-year-old mom. It can also mean that she might have three little kids at home. So, no matter how young a Latin girl is you better be sure and ask her about kids before you get too serious.

Second, they probably either do not know their father or have little to do with him, because something over 50% of children across the region are reared in single-family households, almost always by their mothers. Although, women do tend to get help from their parents, particularly their mothers, and sometimes other relatives.

This is part of the reason why Latin women can be jealous. They do not want to end up in the same situation as their mothers broke, alone, and raising kids. So, recognize that Latin women are not just temperament. They have good reasons for being jealous, but that means if you are a good guy they are not likely to abandon you.

Third, and this is a little unexpected. Latin women probably have areally positive relationship with their parents. Maybe, this is because their most likely young single mothers treat them more like buddies and they develop a deep emotional connection in the family.

Fourth, they probably aspire to some conservative ideas about what the traditional family should look like even if they do not live in a traditional family. They usually want to raise their kids in a two-parent family.

They get some of these ideas through the church, but also from television and pop culture which tend to show more traditional families than in the United States or Europe.

Fifth, they tend to be very responsible. Often they had to help earn money quite young and sometimes they had to help raise their sibling or take care of their grandmother.

If you treat them right Latin women tend to be doggedly loyal maybe too loyal. Loyalty is one of those things everyone agrees is great, and it usually is, but sometimes Latin women are too loyal.

Sexual violence is commonacross the region. Men routinely slap their wives and Latin women do not tend to leave men over it. They remain loyal to abusive jerks and often make excuses for the behavior. Dont be that guy. For a million reasons dont be that guy!

If you are in the United States you can be arrested and probably will be. The entire criminal justice system is going to find a young woman from overseas a very compelling victim. And in her home country, you will probably find that local police are very interested in arresting a foreign man for domestic violence although they regularly ignore what the local guys do.

But more than that it violence simply wrong. It rots the relationship and destroys the trust and respect so many women develop in Western men. The unwillingness for American, European, and Canadian men to use violence is a big reason they are so popular in Latin America.

They almost never file for divorce. They often know their husband has a mistress or two or three and yet they not only do not end the marriage many continue to really love their husband. It is just that they have such low expectations for men that a cheater who supports the family financially, still is willing to offer help in emergencies, and gives some time for affection will not be rejected.

But dont be that guy. Be loyal and reap a richer relationship. Most Western men, even those who have not lived up to it in the past, aspire for a deep, romantic relationship.

With a devoted Latin woman it is not as hard. They will make the effort and they are HOT!

The first, and most obvious reason, for dating women from South America and the Caribbean is their natural beauty. The ethnic mix of Native American, European and Caribbean genetics has created a specific type of beauty you wont find anywhere else in the world.

So, the main reason most Western guys want to date women from Latin America is that women just as beautiful as Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek live in these countries, and many of them are single.

Latinas are also far more passionate about life in general than most of their American or European rivals.  Instead of sitting on the sofa all day watching reality TV shows, South American women want to get out and live life, enjoying everything it has to offer.

These girls live life to the fullest and that includes the importance they place on family, both their own family and the children they want to have once they meet the right man. Always remember that Latin ladies love to have fun, but they also want to find the right man to build a strong family with.

Remember that in as much as youre looking for a Latin girlfriend, or maybe a Latin bride, these women are also actively looking for Western men (gringos) to date.

A gringo comes with a different cultural, sexual, financial and emotional outlook on life than most South American men, and this is something Latinas just love about Western guys.

Much like other regions where women are most interested in meeting men from the United States, Canada, the EU, and other Western nations Latin America is a strongly patriarchal society.Violence against womenis common across the region and many women know that things are better for their friends and relatives who have emigrated.

A lot of Latin ladies are looking for a man a little different from the macho local men and that really plays into your hands.  Latin women watch Hollywood romantic comedies and they are looking for a guy more like Cary Grant or Matthew McConaughey and a lot less like Al Pacino in Scarface.

So, all those chick-flicks that you have had to sit through over the years are finally doing you some good,You Really Are More Desirable Overseas.

But that doesnt mean you have to travel to the ends of the earth.

Theres no need to fly halfway around the world to meet a beautiful woman, who doesnt have the relationship issues or emotional baggage of the women youve been dating all your life.

Latin America is literally on the doorstep of most American men. For men from the United States, it is easy to get a non-stop flight to almost anywhere in Central and South America.  Often there are two or three airlines on a route, so prices tend to be competitive, and flights are easy to schedule.

That means that in less than 8 hours you could be visiting with charming Colombian women, cute Costa Rican girls, or various other hot Latinas.

for American men it is easier, faster, and simpler to travel to Latin America to meet a beautiful Brazilian bikini girl or a hot Colombian bride than it is to fly to Thailand or Ukraine.

Even if you are living in Europe youll find that flights to most South American countries are far more cost-effective than youd imagined.

Also, most of the major American hotel chains operate in the major Latin American cities, so unless you get off the beaten path you can probably stay in the same hotel that you visit for business in the United States.

Customs rules for traveling into Latin America from the United States tend to be simple, because of the importance of tourism and business ties.

One of the easiest ways to search for a Latin girlfriend is to simplytake a Romance Tour.

Latin American romance tours are popular because they take a lot of the hassles and concerns out of the process and offer you emotional support and good knowledge of the local culture because the tour companies are well connected.

A tour really is something worth considering if you are serious about finding a hot Latin girl to romance, particularly if you do not know Spanish and have never visited Latin America before.

All in all, for American men it is easier, faster, and simpler to travel to Latin America to meet a beautiful Brazilian bikini girl or a hot Colombian bride than it is to fly to Thailand or Ukraine.

Another attraction of Latin mail order brides is that a lot of guys believe that the language barrier will be easier to overcome in Latin America. Today many Americans speak at least a smattering of Spanish, though usually not as well as they think they do, and that makes Latin girls more appealing for many men.

However, you should remember that although English is taught and spoken in many of these countries dont expect to be able to open a conversation in English with the first girl you meet.

Latina women are less likely than Russian or Ukrainian women to have any formal English education, so if you do decide to make a play for a pretty Latin bride brush up on your Spanish first, it will just make things easier.

If you are thinking about dating a Brazilian woman you should remember that they speak Portuguese in Brazil, but the same rule applies: Try to learn the language.

Really, the best reason to try to learn the language is it shows your Latin lady that you are making the effort for her. Yes, it is not absolutely critical. You can probably get by with digital audio translators and so on, but the idea is to do more than simply get by.

Spanish is taught in most American schools, and if not youll find dozens of classes locally. Even if you cant afford classes you can sign up forDuolingoorSkillsiloand get your language lessons online free of charge.

And please avoid cheesy one-liners youve learned online, or heard from friends; even if youre only looking for a hookup Latina girls have heard them all before, and this includes referring to Latina woman as a hot tamale. Believe it or not, they dont like being referred to as food items. Go figure!

If you meet a Latin girl on one of the variousLatin Dating Sitesand become involved in an online romance, you will eventually want to take the relationship to the next level.  This usually means meeting your potential Latin bride in person.

Can you think of a better place to spend your 2 week vacation than some exotic beach in Brazil or Costa Rica?

The weather across much of Latin America is also part of the reason for the growth of Latin dating because it is generally warm and appealing nearly year round. You really dont have to plan around the weather if you want to visit a Latin girl.

On the other hand, if you have struck up a romance with a Russian or Ukrainian woman, and want to visit her in her hometown, you have a much shorter window of good weather, basically from May through September.

So, it is easy to travel down from the blizzard in Chicago or New York in the morning and be partying with Latin bikini babes in the afternoon.  I cant speak for anyone else, but for me, beautiful Latinas beat hot cocoa any time.

Across Latin America, from Mexico through Costa Rica, Panama, and all the way down to Rio, women tend to live life to the fullest. Borgata, Caracas, Buenos Aires, and of course Rio, all are internationally famous for their nightlife, but every major city has its own unique mix of bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

Usually, the partying starts after 10:00 at night and goes on until the first rays of dawn.  So, you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly.  If you roll out of bed at your hotel at 7:00 in the morning and do the tourist thing all day by midnight you will probably be shot just when the party is starting.

If you want to impress a Latin woman learn to dance!

So, remember why you are in Rio.  Skip the rusting cannons and other attractions. You can let, your Latin lady show you the sites of her city later.  Sleep in or take a long siesta so you can be ready for action at 3:00 AM.

There are also incredible beaches in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and many other countries. There is nothing like a tight Latin girl in a tiny bikini to make guys wish they had paid more attention in their high school Spanish class.

If you want to impress a Latin woman learn to dance!

You dont need to turn yourself into a Latin American version of Patrick Swayze, but do remember that Latinas love to dance, so if you want to stand out from the crowd you should learn a few moves too.

Theres nothing sexier for a Latina than to meet a well-groomed, well-dressed gringo who can also dance. If you want to earn bonus points with her, without even trying, then spend some time taking a few dance lessons shell never want to leave your side.

It is simply a great way to meet ladies, particularly younger women, who might otherwise be out of your league.  It can help make you the most interesting man in the world to a beautiful young Latina because she is not going to expect an established, mature Western man to be a good dancer.

How do you learn Latin dancing?  Well, the easiest place to start is probably . Seriously, we couldnt possibly give you a hundredth of the information here that they give you. Its a great web site.

Finally, if you get to Rio or Bogota or wherever and you dont know how to dance and you are lucky enough to meet a lovely Latin lady who wants to teach you the basics be the most energetic and attentive student possible.

Trust me if a beautiful, Brazilian dancing girl wants to teach you the moves she is effectively taking you for a test drive. This is no time for bashfulness or false modesty.

I dont care about your old football injury or even if you lost a leg to an IED in Iraq say, Thanks, get off your duff and let her coach you.

Laugh about it, smile a lot, and try hard to follow her directions.  She will appreciate your effort even if she decides you have two left feet and it will show her you are interested enough in her to make a fool out of yourself.

This might be the best piece of dating advice on the entire site.  Just get into the moment and enjoy dancing with a beautiful young Latina.

Latinas really put their families first. This is why they are so loyal, but it also means that most of them want will in fact demand kids.

Now if you want children this is great. If you dont want children you need to come up with a good plan.

First, you need to let her know right away. Dont be a jerk and lead her on. Tell her the truth. If you dont want kids and you lead her on you are robbing her of her most precious possession her dreams.

Second, you need to figure out how to keep her busy. So, even if you are honest and she agrees not to have kids you need to come up with something to keep her busy.

Buying an energetic dog is a good start, but it is probably better to start a small business or do something like that. Get her to volunteer or something. Or if you are retired set out on a long adventurous trip.

But you have to keep her busy. Or just give up and have a couple of kids. Thats probably what she really wants and you might even end up liking the little rug rats too. And kids will probably help with her family too.

The women who sign up at mail order bride sites tend to be among the most amazing ladies in the region. Usually, they are more intelligent, more attractive, and more ambitious than their friends and colleagues.

In the United States and Western Europe, youre only ever introduced to your girlfriends family when things are starting to get serious between you; at that stage, youve made your relationship exclusive. In Latin America dont be surprised if your girlfriend introduces you to her entire family within just a few days of meeting her!

This is completely normal in this part of the world shes just looking for their approval before she continues dating you, so youll need to make a good impression when this happens. And the best way to do this is to adopt what many Americans or Europeans might consider formal old-world manners.

Try to remember the manners your grandmother expected and channel your inner Cary Grant. Be calm, smooth, confident, and extremely polite.

Also, never, ever introduce your Latin girlfriend to your family after a few dates shell take this as a sign that you want to get into a serious relationship with her, and theres a chance you might scare her off based on that. It also might send the wrongsignals to your family.

Moving her from being your Latin girlfriend to being your Latin mail order bride is going to take time and a small amount of patience. Always remember that your Latin girlfriends family is very important to her, so avoid insulting them, and never refuse food thats the biggest insult possible.

If you have read this far it is pretty easy to understand why there are so many Latin mail order brides. It is a lot like the story in South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

The women who sign up at mail order bride sites tend to be among the most amazing ladies in the region. Usually, they are more intelligent, more attractive, and more ambitious than their friends and colleagues.

They want to find a great guy who will not beat them or leave them. That is sad but true. Young Latinas tend to face ridiculous levels of violence and discrimination.

Worse, these abusive attitudes do not lead to widespread condemnation or effort to change the culture. Young people across Latin America accept sexual abuse of women as a natural part of life.

A recent study by Oxfam, the UK based charity, discovered that most young people across Latin America expect men to be completely in charge of their womans life in a way that would have often been unacceptable in most of the United States by 1920 or even earlier.

For instance, young men believed that it was their right to tell their wife or girlfriend how she should dress and what kind of friends she can have, checking her mobile phone messages and who she is communicating with, having access to her personal passwords and censuring her photos on social media, as well as keeping track of her movements.

You can see how this would get old and make a laid back old gringo seem mighty attractive. And so the smart, brave girls sign up to see if they can meet a decent man from the United States, Europe, or Australia who will take them away from all of this.

Many of the feminist critics of international dating do not realize it, but the truth is mail order brides are brave. They are unwilling to accept being treated as less than full citizens and to get that respect they are willing to learn a new language, marry a man from another country, and move halfway around the world. If that is not brave I dont know what it.

Meeting a Latin woman online is not hard. There are probably a couple of hundred dating sites devoted to Latin woman. The two best dating sites for finding your Latin dream girl are . They are very different sites. Here are the differences:

If you just want to chat with stunning and I do mean stunning Latin women Amolatina offers its innovative instant chat program which allows you to quickly start chatting with the women you are interested in.

Their communication tools are so great that it will really make it easy totalk to beautiful women.

A Foreign Affair is the oldest and most respected international dating company. They are absolutely the best at providing for all logistical support you need to travel to Latin America and meet a woman.

Generally, there are at least 500 beautiful Latin girls waiting to talk to you at almost any time of the night or day, sometimes twice that number. For some men that makes up for the issues we mention in our review and the fact that Amolatina does not really do anything to help you actually meet the girl.

Setting up a meeting is all on you and that can be pretty daunting. Particularly, if you are not much of an international traveler and dont know Spanish.

Amolatina basically has the hottest Latin women on the internet and they make it easy for you to chat with them online. It is a lot of fun. And there is something compelling about seeing a beautiful girl read your joke and smile.

A Foreign Affair is the oldest and most respected international dating company. They are absolutely the best at providing for all logistical support you need to travel to Latin America and meet a woman.

They provide translators, drivers, and dating advice. They can even help with fiance visas if you get that far.

Actually, meeting women is ms real strength is that it offers dozens ofromance tours across Latin Americaeach year. You can meet any Latin ladies you have already met through the internet and meet others face to face that you have not connected with online.

Our suggestion is to meet ladies on Amolatina and then use Lovemes tours to actually meet them. Lovemes system of letters is not really that great and being able to see a woman online is super nice, which you can with Amolatina.

Using both services is probably the best solution for finding a Latin girlfriend, who will then hopefully become your wife.

Latin American Cupid is part of the Cupid Media empire of dating sites. That means they have lots and lots of womens profiles That is a very good thing.

The bad thing is, there are so many profiles that just wading through the sea women is slow and difficult.

Cupid Medias Brazilian site. There are thousands of sexy Brazilian girls on the site. BrazilCupids chat system is fun and easy to use. If you get a hot Brazilian it is amazing.

Cupid Medias entry for the Caribbean. The center of attention for most users is probably the Dominican Republic but I would love to see how many Cuban women they have listed. Cuba is the next frontier of international dating.

Colombia is the real center of Latin international dating and this is Cupid Medias entrant into that market.

Another great Latin dating site from Cupid Media.

There are 12 countries in total in South American, nine in Central America, and another 21 nations and territories in the Caribbean.  They are extremely diverse culturally and economically.

All of them are interesting vacation destinations, but some are better spots for meeting potential Latin girlfriends or brides. Weve included our personal favorite list of countries here, to save you having to do that research yourself.

Argentina is an incredible and often overlooked destination for men pursuing beautiful Latin ladies.  It is an incredible melting pot of women with ancestors not only from Spain and Portugal but also from many other nations in Europe because.

Argentinian women wont always respond on your first attempt at winning them over, so dont give up and dont take it personally. Its also worth mentioning that even if you take a date with her as being set in stone, shes as likely to change her mind for no apparent reason.

Again dont take this personally. Latinas from this part of the world will expect you to make the first move, and shell also expect you to look and act like a man they have no time for weaklings or shy guys. If shes over 30 and single in Argentina then it increases the chances of her wanting to date you.

In terms of places to hang out or visit Buenos Aires has some of the best wine youve ever tasted, plus some great bars to visit later at night.

Mar Del Plata is the best beach in the country, so you can expect a visual feast of Argentine women there. Mendoza is very popular among tourists too, so youll blend right in.

CLICK HEREfor more information about Argentina.

The first thing to mention here is that some Brazilian women will only date Brazilian guys dont bother trying to change their minds because that wont happen. Speaking Portuguese is important but not critical dont assume its the same as Spanish because its not.

Unlike other South American countries, Brazilian women are actually more likely to date and marry a gringo who speaks to them in English from the start.

The reason for this is that theyve probably traveled, and experienced life a little bit, so are more open to the idea of marrying a guy from Europe or the United States. Do yourself a favor by avoiding expensive clubs most of the women in the more expensive bars are just looking for a wealthy gringo to tap for cash.

Oh, and Brazilian women are stunning, but they expect you to make the same effort with your appearance. Basically, you should shave, shower, tan and tone up before hooking up.

The city of Sao Paulo is huge, but also home to a lot of activity during the day and night, making it an ideal place to start your Latin dating adventure.

Fortaleza, the fifth largest city, has stunning beaches, and is popular with tourists, but not overflowing with them.

If you want something a bit more off the beaten track then Recife has a vibrant cultural scene and is also home to amazing beaches. Salvador is also a great destination for finding and dating Latin American women.

Over 90% of the population speaks Spanish, so youll need to learn some Spanish before you even attempt the dating scene here. Colombian women are friendly and outgoing, so you wont find them shy when it comes to striking up a conversation, or asking them out on a date.

Colombian women appreciate a man who dresses well great cologne is the final touch that women here will really appreciate. Apart from that, as with most Latinas, treat them with respect and youll be off to a great start.

You have to visit Medellin while youre here because there are more beautiful women per square mile than youd believe. Its literally like walking around in the middle of a fashion photo shoot.

Besides Medellin, you should also consider Cartagena for its raw energy, and Pasto, which has a reputation for being one of the most fun-loving cities in Latin America.

CLICK HEREfor more information about Colombia.

Heres a country that can boast of hundreds of miles of stunning beaches, and tens of thousands of stunning women to go along with that. Not only are Ticas (Costa Rican girls) particularly good looking, but theyre also very athletic, so you get a toned, trim, body to go with the kind of looks which belong on magazine covers.

A major dating perk in Costa Rica is that there are far more single women than single men, so the odds are in your favor here. Ticas also have absolutely no issue with an age gap they seem to genuinely prefer older guys. Theyre also far more interested in how a man treats them than what age he is, or where he comes from.

San Jose is the capital, and is worth a trip for some cultural highlights during the day, and then some fun later at night. Montezuma is a truly beautiful location, and is ideal for anyone traveling on a budget everything just costs a little less here, so that makes entertaining your date a lot less painful on your wallet.

Tamarindo is a hot tourist spot, and Playa Jaco is one of the most popular locations in Costa Rica, with beautiful beaches to enjoy by day and exciting nightlife.

CLICK HEREfor more information about Costa-Rica.

Cuba is now opening itself up to the world thanks to improved relations with the United States. It has a highly educated population, so expect the women here to be both bright and extremely attractive by any standard.

One warning here is that if you show disrespect towards a Yuma (Cuban girl) shell lose all interest in you permanently theres no going back once that happens.

Cuba is very easy to get to from the United States and elsewhere in the Caribbean, so your search for Latin romance doesnt need to cost a fortune.

Youll want to spend at least some time in Havana theres a real energy to the city once the sun goes down that you really do need to experience.

If youre looking for someplace a bit less urban then you should check out Varadero. This city has 20km of beaches and is a great place for having fun late at night.

Trinidad is also a great place to kick back and have some fun, and isnt overflowing with tourists.

The DR is an island paradise that is often overlooked by men looking for sexy Latin singles. Why? Because most guys are rushing to meet women from Colombia, Peru or Brazil.

What theyre missing out on are the European, Native American and African influences which have created women who are almost too pretty for words.

Women from the DR arent materialistic in any sense of the word, but they do expect to be treated like women. This means holding doors open, and treating them with respect, etc.

Some dating hotspots include Santo Domingo, a city which mixes the old world with the new.

If you want to take some time out on some of the best beaches in the world then the Saman Peninsula is a fantastic place to go to soak up some rays and take in the tantalizing views of DR women just being themselves.

Punta Cana is also a very popular destination, but can be pretty crowded during peak tourist season.

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