18 Jenna, I miss the old you What happened?

this website have cute girls collection i have also a website which have more pakistani girls pics

WOW perfect start 1 and perfect finish 40

Amazing. I put her name in google, and forgot to breath for about 5 minutes while looking at her pictures.

to busty to be sasha, was thinking more along the lines of sweet krissy

ur so cute dear /// see more beautiful girls pics here

11 yeah Ill take what shes having!

You can have what she is having. Ill take what she is giving!!! B)

4 will you marry me?? Youre drop dead gorgeous!

So most likely the answer is no

34 Dang stunning. Chive you are the shit, and Chivers/ Chivetes are a great community!

35 is absolutely stunning hair, eyes, face, and of course body. To me, the clear winner of this very fine batch (could have used a few less with tats, but to each his own).

19 there was no one better than Jenna in her prime

Wow, I am ignorant. I had no idea she was so hot!

Which isnt always the fault of the youth.

While I dont disagree with your point, this is Emma Frain isnt it?

Gotta love a nice landing strip too.

I thought this was Beautiful. Girls.

I disagree. Traci lords was pretty badass. Then again, it was probably because she started at 16

anyone else notice how all the girls are brunettes? the only two blondes are dye jobs.

11 This is what happens when you put a guy in a hotties body. Never. leaves. the house.

2nded. that was just lame. and why is it considered funny to put. a. period. after. every. word?

Would love to be in these bodies: 7 11 12 13

Let the beautiful woman know I have that same flavor of mirror on specific body parts for her.

2 17 22 26 34 stand out the most to me. Beautiful.

2 6 18 are absolutely stunning. MOAR would be nice.

i was going to put the exact same numbers these three are perfectly proportioned

11 Cool shot! Oh to be so attractive that mirrors seduce you. jeez, all my mirrors just have some dude in them.

is making out with your reflection narcissistic? i need a ruling on this. either way im aroused.

8 23 Leo, you Animal. Those are great. Thanks Bro.

Very nice. But Id still rather take a Chivette.

That makes us Chivettes very very happy! MI Chivette!

*whew* Now my vampiric need for compliments to boost my self-esteem has been sated. Until I need to feed again.

These girls were too generic for me, I mean yeah they look great but I feel like Ive seen them a thousand times over

Ill always remember Cindy from this commercial. I dont care who ya are shes damn hot.

Saw her at Topanga Canyon mall this past weekend. She was with her daughter and for an older lady or any lady for that matter, Cindy looks banging. Good genes.

Agreed! Cindy was from the top draw in her day

except for 37 she needs to take the discs out of her ear lobes blech! Nasty shit.

What is this internet you speak of? Is it like a coffee shop, only with donkeys and midgets and stuff?

Oh yes, donkeys and midgets and other wonderful creatures. It is a place where all your fetid fantasies take shape (if not substance), and where you may see things you never imagined, that are even better than your imagination. But not really like a coffee shop with real people and hot beverages that is too pedestrian to give meaning to all that is. The Internet!

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