are not fixated on their appearance, are not mercantile. But it does not negate the class society. Girls of the upper middle class are not dating with men of the middle class, for example. It affected on the relationship between the sexes. They are not very ideal householders, tend to make a career, give birth to children quite late, quite capricious in relations sufficiently removed. Females paranoidly try to preserve their freedom and are afraid of being dependent on males. There are common cross-cultural marriages and relationships. For the lasy time british women choose black men for their couples. Girls actually are not hurry up with the choice of husband, they meticulously are looking for the best male. They create family after thirty years.

British womendo not use a lot of make up, prefer the convenience style in clothing. But their style is usually quite strange. A common phenomenon in the morning are rushing women, dressed in business suits, but in sneakers and with backpacks. Heels are usually used only in a club or restaurant, sometimes as change shoes in the office, but rarely. Woman in high heels is considered sexy. Apart sneakers there are popular also ballet flats. In general they like a unisex style: jeans, sneakers, sports jacket, dark coat.

They do not worry about their waist, they never give up eating cakes, are often visitors of the fast-food cafe. By the nature the girls are confident in themselves, really ambitious, even self-sufficient. Being in the community, they have constantly welcoming smiles.

AmongBritish womenis fairly typical appearance with a long face, unexpressed sloping chin, thin lips, small mouth, long nose. Women of the middle class and upper middle are quite comely and pleasant to the exterior.

Among the list of thebeautiful British women, this dark beauty possesses a long lock of thick black hair and as such, resembles like an Asian to some extent. Twenty five the mostbeautiful British womenare included in this rating.

25.Amelia Warner(4 June 1982) – English actress and singer.

24.Annabelle Wallis(25 September 1984) – British actress.

23.Diana, Princess of Wales(1 July 1961, Norfolk – 31 August 1997, Paris) – first wife of Prince Charles.

22.Deborah Kerr(30 September 1921 – 16 October 2007) – British actress.

21.Pixie Lott(12 January 1991) – English singer, dancer and actress.

20.Michelle Keegan(3 June 1987) – British actress and model.

19.Emily Blunt(23 February 1983) – British actress.

18.Jessica Jane Clement(24 February 1985) -British model, actress and TV presenter.

17.Alize Lily Mounter- British model and TV presenter.

16.Lena Headey(3 October 1973) – British film actress.

15.Lily Donaldson(27 January 1987) – British top model.

14.Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley(18 April 1987) -British supermodel.

13.Laura Coleman(1986) – English model, radio broadcaster, winner of the national beauty contest Miss England 2008.

12.Emma Watson(15 April 1990) – British actress and photomodel.

11.Dame Catherine Zeta-Jones(25 September 1969) – British actress.

9.Kelly Brook(23 November 1979) – British actress and photomodel.

8.Vivien Leigh(5 November 1913, Darjeeling – 7 July 1967, London) – British actress.

7.Lucy Mecklenburgh(24 August 1991) – British model and actress.

6.Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood(17 August 1990) – British actress and model.

5.Kathryn Bailey «Kate» Beckinsale(26 June 1973) – British actress.

4.Emilia Clarke(1 May 1987) – British actress.

3.Olivia de Havilland(1 July 1916) – Anglo-American actress, one of most popular and demanded Hollywood actresses of the 1930s and 1940s, winner of two Oscars for best actress.

2.Keira Knightley(26 March 1985) – British actress.

1.Cheryl Ann Cole(30 June 1983) – British singer, model and TV host.

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