Yesterday I was dining at a gorgeous high end restaurant with a nice prospect and it is great how in luxury establishments, people dont care about you looking like a gold-digger. We were sitting in the garden facing the little waterfalls and then an old man and a beautiful young woman came to sit right next to us and of course nobody noticed what was going on except me and probably my date.

I love to experience those things because even if I dont know the girl I automatically feel less lonely in my poursuit for the bag. I wish I could have had her number tho

It really is a lonely world when your friends and family dont know what you do and you dont plan on telling them.

Guys ask me out, and I reject them, in which their response is makes sense Im probably not good enough

I think I want a sugarmommy (or trans sugar daddy). Im young and want one for a few reasons:

Im about to start renting an apartment and an hella anxious that something will suddenly happen or I wont be able to afford it after a few months even with a job

Even if I can afford it itll be taking up most of my paychecks if Im not lucky with a job

Heres why Id be a good sugarbaby:

I can be a bit of a brat but only to make you smile~

Im constantly on my phone so Ill always be able to talk to you

Im a young trans boy and will be sure to bring a bit of light into your life

Youre not getting my bank info. Plain and simple. Id prefer to use PayPal but gift cards work just as well (or whatever those prepaid cards you can use anywhere are. Those are what Im talking about)

Be respectful and dm me if youre interested! Hope to hear from you soon~

What else is out there besides SA? I am not finding what I am looking for on there. I feel like its a lot of fakes and scams or men passing through and looking for someone for the night. Has anyone had luck with any other sites? I am looking for traditional, genuine SD/SB relationship! I am not looking to sell pics or videos. I would like to find one man that I can see a few times a month in and out f the bedroom!

I mean This 55 year old millionaire offering me $150 per hour.. AND its Manhattan we are talking about.. The audacity and who are the women accepting these incredibly low insulting offers!?

Let me get off my knees, Im not getting paid

So he promised an 8k allowance off the bat, was being a bit strange so done a bit of research before I gave any info about myself. Found some other girls experiences on reddit (screenshots above) and found his picture on a few other websites warning not to go near him. He gives different names to everyone, different expectations and also shows videos of him speaking with his bank accounts, all with different names. He also sent a link to his linkedin account to me – DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT HE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOU HAVE VIEWED HIS AND THEN HE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO ALL OF YOUR INFO/WORK PLACE/UNIVERSITY/LOCATION!!!! He also asked to meet at a hotel that doesnt actually exist anymore which is a bit strange.

He uses the usernames (SA): ryan_34, experiencedsdldn, aony

You can see the numbers he uses in the screenshots above.

He probably has other accounts as well, please send me any more info on this guy if you have it and stay away!!!!

Ive started this page because I couldnt find one anywhere else. Please send in info on men from all sugar websites to add them to this blacklist. Ill be posting my own experiences as well.

Eventually all current and aspiring sugars willbe able to use this page to help avoid the nasties in the world.

I just got kicked out. Im in the process of finding another job Im looking for an apartment my goal right now is to get $2000 just to get me started until I can find a job. Anything helps right now..