Kyla Owens is in desperate need of a job or else she will be forced to go back to her unwelcoming family in Chicago. Fortunately she finds herself working for one of the few billionaires in New York City. Did I mention he was dark, tall, and unfor…


Jared opened up the car door and I stepped out into the warm air of New York City.

Botequim. Jared looked at me after reading the Restaurants name.

Its a lot nicer inside. I swear.

He gave me a smile, one that I returned and then placed his hand on my lower back and led me into the restaurant.

The restaurant was elegant and modern at the same time. With an open kitchen to entertain us.

The waiter led us to a table that was against a wall. I sat in the chair facing the kitchen.

Tonight was quite busy in the the account it was a Saturday night.

May I get you something to drink, sir?

We Jared said looking at me will take a bottle of your finest Chardonnay.

Moments of silence passed as we both surfed through the menu.

This looks all so good. My mouth started to water.

Do you want to share the Costeleta?Jared questioned me.

Its says its a prime aged rib eye steak for 2 that comes with a watercress salad and yucca fries.

The waiter came back to take our orders and left with the menus.

Jared and I conversed about a variety of stuff while waiting for our food. Only ten minutes had gone by when I spotted the waiter with our food.

This was so good. I said while taking the last bite of the steak.

Im glad you- Jared was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

Oh Im sorry. Ill be right back.

I grabbed my phone and headed outside. As the door closed behind me and I answered the phone not bothering to look at who it was.

Wonderful. Now I would like to inform you about something.

My anxiety immediately went away and I was filled with excitement. Excitement that I got the job. And excitement that Ill be able to see him again.

I could hear him chuckle. Youre very welcome. I expect to see you in my office at 8:00 on Monday morning.

Yes. I got the job. The hard part was surely over.At least thats what I thought. I entered the restaurant and welcomed the warm air.

My boss actually. He just now told me I got the job.

Jareds face brightened up with a smile. Congratulations Kyla. Whos your boss?

Well I dont know his first name. But I was introduced by Mr. Carter.

His smile faded. Him? Youre going to work for him?

Um yeah. Is there something wrong with him?

Well no. Kind of. I heard hes just not a nice guy.

Nevertheless Im happy for you. His smile returned.

After a while Jared paid the check and we left. I hopped back in his car and he drove me back to my apartment.

I had a lot of fun tonight, Jared. Thank you for taking me out.

Youre welcome. Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?

Um I hesitated for a moment. Unsure whether I wanted him to come up. I wasnt ready for stuff to happen between us. Even if it was just a kiss. Im okay. Thank you though. I opened the car door and before I got out Jared gently placed his hand on my wrist.

I smiled in return and got out of the car. Before I turned around the corner I gave him a wave.

I watched as he pulled out and left. I lived on the 8th floor of the 10th floor apartment building. I had made it to level 3 when I took off my heels.

About twenty minutes later I was snuggled on the couch with Felix pressed against my stomach. The tv was on and it had me drifting off into a warm and comfortable sleep.