There is a saying you dont know what female beauty is until you find yourself surrounded by the beautiful Brazilian women.

Brazil is famous for beautiful shores, terrain, and women! After all, they made the Brazilian wax job a trend among westerners.

Brazil is not a poor country, however there is a strong divide between the rich and poor. Also, it should be known that Brazil just elected their first female president! Brazil is one of those places that men flock to because of the beautiful women here.

Brazilian women are strong, intelligent, and know exactly how to get what they want. Below are some more characteristics of Brazils stunning females.

Beautiful Brazilian women come in many shapes, skin colors, eye and hair shades, however lighter skin is valued. The darker Brazilians are considered to be of a lower caste, but they are just as beautiful. Typically they have darker hair, but hair dyes are prevalent. Bleach blonde is in. These women wear a lot of cosmetics, dress to impress, and never are seen unmade. Also, they exhibit a lot of sensuality. They take great care to look feminine and is second in the world for cosmetic surgeries. Looks are extremely important.

Brazils women are educated. Many of them opt into a higher degree of education. Younger Brazilian women from the south will likely understand and speak broken English. Brazilian women work and take on high profile careers. Most of Brazils people are of Catholic faith, however less than half practice.

Brazilian women are considered equals in gender but they do take on the traditional role of being homemaker and caregiver. Family is extremely important to them and a lot of these women will put family before career. They dominate in their homes expecting the man to be the main breadwinner where as she will make all financial and familial decisions. Contradicting, the divorce rate is very high in Brazil.

Beautiful Brazilian women are obsessed with their figures and physical fitness is a lifestyle, especially for the younger ladies. These women love to dance, shop, travel, and participate in all family functions.

Beautiful Brazilian women  do not typically marry or hang out with others outside of their social class. They are friendly and warm, but they are still raised by a class system. This is especially the case in the rural parts of Brazil.

Below is what these women look for in male companionship.

Brazilian women will always have appearance as a focus. Men that look nice, are well groomed and care about their looks are desired.

Men that have a sense of family will be preferred. These women welcome many family members and aim to extend their own. Men that want to settle down and have children will be favored.

Brazilian women are not racist, however in general lighter skin is preferred.

Beautiful Brazilian women are not looking to be rescued. They are into money, good looks, and fine things. Family will also be very important. These women are free thinking but take their traditional role in society seriously. Brazilian women are desired from men all over the world for their shear beauty. They are decision makers and will expect to be treated like queens. In return comes the reward of having meals cooked, a clean home, revered children, and a wild thing in the bed.

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