Mountain Men is an American reality television series that follows the life of several families as they struggle to tame Mother Nature and live off the grid.

Mountain Men Season 8 Will Debut on History Channel on June 6, 2019

Working with their hands and living off the land. Nothing on this earth beats a mountain man.

The mountains may lose one man forever. Who could it be?

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We all need to remember this is made for entertainment and I for one am grateful for having seen

all the shows with Preston, Tom and Rich. Having said that I much enjoy seeing Morgan and Margaret build their property from nothing to a very nice home, working side by side. Most have

airplanes, why shouldnt they. It was after all, a few days for Morgan to travel to the nearest store

for supplies for the animals. Also I really like Shawn so if he takes Toms place its okay by me.

As a woman I love that they have Margaret and what she does to support Morgan like gardening

and see how she can organize all the things they have into that small house. Just cooking off the

top of a wood stove indicates to me shes talented. I am so glad to see the show return. As for

where the camera men stay its in a small tent from what I have learned.ReplyShare02Jimmy WatkinsApril 28, 2019I will sorely miss seeing Tom Oar on mountain men. His skills are just fascinating to watch. Will the young man who became his helper continue the trade? Did Tom have to abandon his house? Many thanks Tom and Nancy for sharing your lives with all of us.ReplyShare01Elizabeth CaswellApril 23, 2019I was so glad to receive the notice that the Mountain Men are returning in June 2019. Tom is absolutely my favorite of all of them. I really miss seeing Rich, and wish the History Channel would tell us what happened that he is no longer in the program He was great. This other lion hunter is a pitiful excuse compared to Rich. Wish they would bring him back, but Im sure thats never going to happen.ReplyShare01roy a millerApril 11, 2019when are you putting mountain men back on this year 2019ReplyShare04Martha Mathesroy a millerApril 18, 2019Hope the HISTORY Channel brings back MOUNTAIN MEN back soon. I know i can speak for all the fans when i say we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the return of mtn men to come back, right fans!!! !!!ReplyShare00Jimbo 40roy a millerApril 21, 2019Just looked up the future plans. They say either May, June or July but best bet for the new season is ind of May beginning of June. Hope so…ReplyShare01Anne GreerApril 2, 2019My husband and I have been binge watching Mountain Men…so saddened about Preston…love all the people on the show! Missing Rich!!ReplyShare02Sandy McNallyMarch 30, 2019Love the show!! I miss Preston working with Eustace they could do anything together!ReplyShare02Sandy McNallyMarch 30, 2019Love them all. Really sad about Preston dying, Eustace and he were good together.ReplyShare00TinaHMarch 15, 2019Id love to see a crossover where the Mountain Men competed against each other on Alone…ReplyShare03Mayona GentileMarch 5, 2019I LOVE this show! People need to see what it is like to live without the modern conveniences. Tom Oar is my favorite, he is so skilled and so sweet. I hope he and Nancy live forever! I hope this show lives forever.ReplyShare03Chris OrtegaFebruary 26, 2019Love the show, its my favorite.

Off grid, on grid, who cares its fun to watch.

Their all interesting in their own right, I imagine its nearly impossible to completely stay off grid a 100%.

I will say one thing though, I feel like Eustace Conway is probably the most fake character on Mountain Men

The guy is running several buissness for profit and hes continues to preach wholesome off grid living while hes running a saw mill, a nature retreat, and something else I forget.

Cant wait for the new season.ReplyShare03TCJanuary 31, 2019I started watching Mountain Men last year. I really like this show and Id like to meet all of them. They are all very tuff guys. Keep it going.ReplyShare06WVNovember 7, 2018I love Mountain Men! I like all of them. They are each so different and so alike! My husband loves Tom. Gets upset when they show Nancy 🙂 Im the one that watches it all the time! I enjoy how Eustace comes up with ideas to make money to buy the land. Its all about the land. I wonder what happened to Charlie Tucker who was an ex-logger? And I love to watch Jason Hawk turn nothing into knives, etc. And what happened to Brent Jameson who was dragging trees across the water to build his house in the blizzard?ReplyShare08MarthaOctober 19, 2018I think the show was good tonight, atleast they showed more with Tom n Nancy. I look at it this way, to each his own.. If people dont agree with their way of living then they dont have to watch the show. Sure they make alot of money, wouldnt you if ya could get on the show?? Like I said to each his own!!!!!ReplyShare05WVMarthaNovember 7, 2018People complain that these people dont really live this way. Well, anything you see on tv isnt the way they live all the time. I like to watch this show every week because it Is wholesome and surviving in different ways of life. I love this show and each person in it!!! I like to watch Marty living on his own in a little cabin living as a trapper. Thats his way of life to support his wife and daughter.ReplyShare02MarthaWVNovember 8, 2018I agree with ya so much n guess ya are are a mountaineer also, thats great. People complain about anything, thats why I say to each his own ya know. Good seeing a neighbor (WV) comment on here.ReplyShare02RussellWVFebruary 5, 2019Marty is my favorite. He really knows what he is doing and makes it look so easy!ReplyShare144KathieOctober 14, 2018Weve been watching mountain men for a very long time. I find it a little phony as you know they are being shadowed by a camera crew. So they arent really in any danger. Tom has two bad knees, can barely walk yet hes out walking thru snow, climbing around on slippery mountains and walking for ..miles. Everything with him is about money. I can get $800 for this fur…or I can get $500 if I make it into a hat. He puts a monetary value on everything he does. Another thing that bothers me is that they refer to killing animals as catching furReplyShare010Sherry SoltisKathieOctober 14, 2018thats how they make their living, well they did until the show, but making things with the things they catch and selling what they make is making a living for them. Its their way, the mountain men way, they dont live like we do. Most of us that watch the show realize this and dont worry about the fact that they have to make a living so more power to them for whatever they can get for what they make. This is a great show.ReplyShare71Tony LeeSherry SoltisOctober 15, 2018I read that they all made decent money off the show ($250,000 – $750,000 – $15,000 per espisol?). The show is running the course>

The only ones I liked are Marty & Tom. The rest are not really living off the land. Eustace is running a lumber business, Rich is chasing lion off for a hobby (did the ranchers really believed he could chase the lions off – 10 miles? It could travel back in less than 30 minutes. Why didnt he kill them? Its legal in Montana.). I couldnt believe it when I saw that Morgan bought an airplane – money from the show?. So much for living off the grid! Besides I am sure we are tired of watching building construction for an hour each week.ReplyShare00Peggy CorbittOctober 14, 2018Was wondering about moonshiners..will it not continue?ReplyShare02Janet MarieOctober 6, 2018Would love to know where the filming crew sleep, eat etc. Love this show so much, please keep up the good work.ReplyShare05MarthaSeptember 28, 2018Gosh this was a fast season, thought there might be one or two more episodes. I am ready for a new season right now, bring it on History Channel. .ReplyShare12Tony LeeSeptember 16, 2018Rich was hurt and I was not sure he would be well enough to chase lions.ReplyShare03MarthaTony LeeSeptember 20, 2018Thanks Tony for the info on Rich. I heard he wont be back, have ya heard anything different? I liked him, Jake is ok but not as good as Rich. If ya hear anymore on Rich let us fans know. Thanks !!ReplyShare21Tony LeeMarthaOctober 14, 2018Rich was hurt but I think he made enough money from the show to rest for awhile. Each one of them made $250,000 – $1,000,000 off the showReplyShare05MarthaSeptember 14, 2018Hope to see more of Tom n Nancy, Sean n Nellie also n Marty tonight. Still miss Rich but guess hes gone for good. Give us fans a good show tonight. Thanks History channel. .ReplyShare44Tony LeeMarthaSeptember 16, 2018I was amazed to see every one using gas powered tools including the guy in Kodiak Island who traveled on ATV. They were not exacting living of the grid, were they? The guy in Turtle Island was just another business man running a saw mill, not exactly remote or off the grid.ReplyShare01MarthaTony LeeSeptember 25, 2018Thanks Tony Lee, I agree with what ya said,not living off the grid either. I live in west Virginia n Ive seen more out doorman than they are giving us, but guess if we are fans of Tom , Nancy n Sean we will have to deal with our dislikes of the other, huh!! Thanks agin..ReplyShare04Harry HallmanMarthaSeptember 28, 2018I guess the question is do you have to be living off the grid to be a mountain man? I dont personally think you have to. Eustace isnt my favorite but the man has done a lot of interesting things and does a lot of things mountain men in his neck of the woods has done for hundreds of years. JMHOReplyShareShow 1 more replies05frankSeptember 8, 2018where is Martys new white snow mobile from early episodes. He still has his yellow one.ReplyShare02Tony LeefrankSeptember 16, 2018I was wondering too. He drove a new more powerful one two years ago to the remote trapping area.ReplyShare01TimNCTony LeeOctober 14, 2018WE were not supposed to notice that! lol

I have been thinking the same thing, where is the white one?ReplyShare01WVfrankNovember 7, 2018I think Sean was using the white snow mobile. I figured it was Toms, too.ReplyShareShow 4 more replies04Patricia HoltSeptember 7, 2018We sure enjoy the Mountain Men. Hope History Channel will Continue the Good work.ReplyShare05MarthaSeptember 7, 2018Well see they got another new guy on mtn men. Tonights episode was ok but they are showing to much of the young people instead more of Tom n Nancy n Marty. Bring more of the leaders n we fans know who they are right!! thanks alot..ReplyShare24Texas001August 31, 2018Not enough of Tom and Nancy and Marty, my favorites. Actually you can keep the rest of them. Morgan goes in by boat to catch salmon in bear country and you can see a car drive by in the background. The Arkansas family are just flatlanders and dont belong in a show called Mountain Men and neither does Eustice. I record and fast forward a lot.ReplyShare06MiaTexas001September 3, 2018I love Marty and Rich. Im disappointed that Rich hasnt been on the show.

Tom and Helen are the momma and poppa bears of the show

It just wouldnt be the same without them. I LOVE and respect Eustace. This is the man who (with the help of Preston) converted an old truck from fuel burning to wood burning. He comes from a mountain heritage and a long line of educators – has a degree in English as well as anthropology… He has lived in the woods for over 35 yrs. and farms his own land. 1000 acres of nature and wildlife, and hes constantly fighting to preserve it. If you watch the last episode, you will see that he is currently working to buy additional land that borders his, to prevent it from being developed. Eustace is an Awesome mountain man!!I agree with ya 100% I did like Rich Lewis also but saw where he wont be on the show any longer. If Tom n Nancy were to leave they might as well cancel the longer know I wouldnt be an avid fan any more.I also only liked Tom and Marty. Eustace was just another business man running his own enterprise. Jason was another farmer even though he had different skills. It was too boring to watch home construction scenes. I dont think Tom and Marty would ever quit, even though they both earned lots of money from the show. They would just died in the wild some day. I liked Nancy more than Martys wife. Dominic was just out of her element and had no clue.So guess all of us fans know now Rich Lewis is gone. He was better than Jake though. But still have Tom n Nancy they are really the top dogs anyway, just an expression dont take it the wrong way, thanks n enjoy mtn men as much as I do, till next time all ya fans be safe n share the mtn .

The problem I have with Eustice is the location in the Blue Ridge Mountains doesnt seem all that remote.

However, everyone on that show ( including Eustice) ard quite talented.

Very impressed with that guy and woman in Alaska that both are pilots.

Hi Douglas. I agree, but the problem with the Blue Ridge Mountains not being all that remote, is that it is being developed more and more. People dont realize how much it affects the ecosystem. ????????