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Whats it like dating someone really attractive?

Ive been told Im good looking by a lot of people but Ive never dated anyone really hot. Whats it like? What are the drawbacks that you wouldnt think of at first glance?

Btw, totally optional, but if possible, please include a picture of you and your girlfriend (or, wife, or ex, or whatever) just to gauge actual attractiveness and any difference between you and her.

I dont know…. Youd have to ask my girlfriend I guess….

Yep. Im one of those girls and I feel the same way. I like when a guy takes control because most guys will bend over backwards to accommodate me, when really I just want someone with a backbone. If you dont like that Im talking to a guy and hes hitting on me or something, then tell me. If youd rather I dont go to clubs with my girls because Ill get hit on a lot, Id also rather you tell me that too (Id be perfectly content just hanging out at home with you or with my girls). In my mind, when you speak up, it shows you care enough to put your feelings out there and potentially seem needy/vulnerable. This shows me that you really care for me and that youd rather have me because you like me, not because Im just a pretty face. And Id definitely understand and respect your opinions on these things.. I wouldnt want my boyfriend getting hit on all the time.

And yes, I realize how self-absorbed I sound in this post. Just expressing my thoughts/ feelings.

agreed. I once HAD a BF that did whatever I wanted and never told me no about anything, ever. I soon found myself bored in the relationship. Notice I speak in the past tense.

Telling you not to go out to have fun with your friends seems a bit cruel though.

Ha alright, I am one of those girls who gets hit on blah blah anyways, yes. I never hear the word no so when Im dating a guy and hes stern with me or tells me no, we end up in a much longer relationship. Even when making plans ill be on the fence about something and unless the guy is like, go get dressed youre seeing me tonight, ill just be fussy and wont budge. I think its why the majority of men I date are the alpha male type, because theyre the only ones that can handle me. But I will say when I do date that kind, I become a much better girlfriend and respect them way more.

hes stern with me or tells me no, we end up in a much longer relationship…. I think its why the majority of men I date are the alpha male type

I know….its so bad but its true! Its almost sexy when a guy can tell me no or stand up to me.

Im waiting for my reply! Wish me luck guys, I got a good feeling!

What if he refuses to say no to you? Is that twice as sexy or not sexy at all?

Thats not bad at all. If you cant tell your partner no, and youre not 15, you probably should work on your confidence before trying to date.

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