This is one final send-off to Elf-Girl Tan Hui (). In this video, we explore the origin of Elf Girl. We see her first appearance on the show Bai Li Tiao Yi () back when it was girls going on the show and guys picking them. We also see the one time I know of that she tried to pick someone. Lets look at who she likes, and also who her idol is (hint: its an NBA player), and the fact that she plays League of Legends (yes, shes a gamer). Also, hope you like my analysis of life and relationships and people, and please leave your comments below.

Timecodes: Why I call her elf-girl (0:23); More on Elf Girls love for NBA and her persona (0:33); Answer my poll 😉 (3:44); Cambodian guy who wanted to be black (4:28); Elf girl talks about her adoption (5:06); Relationship drama (7:00); Elf Girl rejects two guys (8:01); Do looks matter? (10:00); Elf Girl rejected! (10:29); Analysis of rejection (12:01); Why Im going to hold my language sometimes (12:21); Jordan Peterson advice to help parents, especially Asian parents and children of narcissists (12:52); Jerry fear of his Cobrinha BJJ peers (15:09); Women vs men (15:34); Contestant that gets elf-girl extremely wet (17:08);17:16Does money matter?;19:04Social proof analyzed;20:33Elf Girl rejected again!!;22:03It goes full circle ;)25:09Will Jerry go on show?

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