Not a lot is said about Polish women accept that they are one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Poland spits out beautiful, sensual and confident women continuously. Winning the heart of a Polish woman is another thing though.

Polish people are often stereotyped as as very proper with sophisticated manners  and cold. Regardless, here are some things about typical Polish women.

Polish ladies have a plethora of features but recurrently they have a fair skin with straight brown or blond hair and brown/blue eyes. They have prominent high cheek bones, long legs and are very thin with an unusual, very appealing  and extended hip to waist ratio.

Their skin is flawless and they usually go with the natural look as not to over do their cosmetics. They take great care in their looks and are very feminine. Polish girls are always well dressed and stylish. Having a fashionable appearance is very important to them.

Beautiful Polish women are a little complex. Depending on where in Poland they were brought up, they tend to come off as a bit snobby. Modern Polish women do not share the traditional views that their mothers and grandmothers did/or do but they do have tight bonds with their families.

It has been noted hundreds of times that Polish women are racist, and this simply is NOT true. The problem here is that Poland does not see a large diversity of race other than their own. With that said, Polish marrying other Polish have a small divorce rate. As well, we do not know the true numbers of what age they marry for real love because many men are looking to marry Polish women to get into the EU. Beautiful Polish women usually do not marry Westerners for visas.

Most Polish beauties are educated and about 60% of them will speak English. They are keen to literature and world culture. They are avid book readers and love theater and concerts. Video consoles are not in the common home. They tend to have a couple of generations under one roof in rural areas and in the urbanites will live privately as a single family unit.

Beautiful Polish women can be very choosy when it comes to men. They are very active and respect their surroundings as well as nature.

They do not spend countless hours hanging out in a mall, rather a stroll in the park or exploring old architecture is more their pace.

Simply, they are very laid back in persona and active physically. Their likes will depict on what they want in a man. Here are some things they admire in men.

No job, no woman. This is frowned upon and relinquishes you as a peasant. The Polish women are notoriously hard working individuals and will want the same from a man.

Men that respect their femininity is always appreciated and preferred. Beautiful Polish women love to be lavished with things and treated like the queens.

A man with strong social bonds and an active lifestyle. Not so much in sports, but active mentally and with their family and friends.

Polish women are confident and will want the same in return. A cowardly man will not do, nor will a man that has no ambition in pursuing potential marriage and family.

As established earlier, stunning Polish women are very girlie. They love things and to be treated like they are fragile. Do not underestimate their fragility though. They are tough and can be hard to know, but once you break through the iceberg that they are behind, you will be in for a real experience. Here are some things that they love for men to do when given the chance.

Things You Should Know When Dating Polish Women

Flirt, flirt, flirt. Polish women like to swing their hair, be gently pawed at, and told how beautiful they are. They are not shy and will accept every compliment confidently.

Fine things are good. Wines and good food are a favorite. They like to feel sophisticated because it boosts their confidence.

Manners are important. They like to be treated like they are queens. Foot the bill for everything and end the night with some spirits and dancing at a disco. Polish girls like to flaunt and show off their feminine moves.

No wondering eyes. Beautiful Polish women like to be the center of attention. Keep up the conversation with talks of anything cultural. Whatever you do, do not get into politics. Polish women are always right in their political thinking.

Polish women are gorgeous and are perfectly happy living in Poland. Why not? Its a beautiful country with a laid back lifestyle. They like to party, they work hard, and are committed to fine arts and literature. As a Westerner, good luck getting your paws on one of these delicious beauties.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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