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Breaking! Jeff Bezos settles his divorce with wife MacKenzie, giving her $32billion of his Amazon shares

Worlds richest man,Jeff Bezosand his wifeMacKenziehave officially ended their 25 years marriage after settling their divorce.

Jeff,55, will keep 75 percent of theirAmazonstocks, leaving MacKenzie, 48,with just a quarter which represents a four percent stake in the company worth around $32billion at current value.

According toDaily Mail, Jeffs 12 percent stake is now worth around $100billion which allows him to retain his title as the richest man in the world because he still has $4billion more than Bill Gates.He will also take voting control of her remaining quarter and has been given her stock in The Washington Post and Blue Origin.

The pair announced the details in tweets on Thursday afternoon.But there was no mention of how they will divide their sprawling property portfolio or other investments andwhy they did not divide them equally.

In theirtweets, the estranged partners said they were grateful after finishing the process of their divorce.

Back in January, it was claimed Jeff Bezos affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez led to his divorce from wife of 25 years. Lauren is also in the process of divorcing her Hollywood agent husband

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Stupid fuckboy of a man! Now you have lost 32 Billion $. Odeh!

is it your 32billion? why cant you mind your bizz

32B in Amazon Shares. Thats the best he could have got. His personal money is not involved like I predicted. He also controls her voting rights on the board of Amazon, and shes leaving the company. This guy doesnt deserve a woman like this… she cares about him and what they built. And of course ,the future of their kids.

How can you say he lost it? He wanted out so he had to pay the settlement, the ex is made for life!

Women are wicked, selfish, greed and fulls of nagativity and that was the reason they never invented any meaningful thing since days of Eve.

Would you prefer one poison the other to keep all the billions? They both deserve awards for staying married that long over different phases of their lives…

Please any man who is ready to cheat on me.and 32b dollars in return should inbox me please…. choooiiiiiii!!!!!

Chia, that Toto too cost ooo. In fact the most expensive toto award goes to her.

For that side chick who broke Jeffs home who is also set to divorce her husband to be with Jeff. What if Jeff comes up and insists you sign a pre-nup? You have lost big time – lost husband and the monetary prize lol.

That money is nothing to him! Its literally change, its hard for people to comprehend but as I grow older and deal with higher figures Im leaning that all these large divorce settlements seem crazy because were used to thinking in smaller digits. What she has is probably fair. You have to understand its simple eg: Im currently at home with me and my husbands son, maybe their will be a sibling soon, I work freelance here and there but this could amount to four days a month, Im saving us thousands of pounds a year in child care and my husband is getting fat in in job. When Im ready to get back into work it will be difficult and I may not get to start where I left off and with similar money. So its only right that if a divorce happend in in years to come that I take into account all that I as a woman had to sacrifice. I think its crazy that woman who find themselves leaving their husbands in Nigeria are treated so cruelly with often times husbands taking the kids.

This is what we call quiet settlements. not tonto and churchill. churchill was even asking for flight ticket back to Ghana. shameless idiot

Lyric love aka Tonto, thank you for the info. Next Biko

Dont you know Poverty is a disease. How can you mention Tonto while talking about this kain people, abeg jor.

Thats like times 2 of dangotes wealth…God!!!

Jeff but but but…… sigh!! I just dont understand mehhhhn

Chai… This Aunty don hammer oooo,…. her new man go follow enjoy the largesse too..

This life, married to a billionaire yet had to divorce. I dont understand, we humans can never be pleased. God see money, help me even if its 0.5% of the money

Nawa o! So the marriage don end be that. The woman that stood by you when you had nothing until you became somebody; after how many years together. Now na another woman go enjoy the man well.Abeg make i go make my own money 💰

Even with the money, if your heart is not in it you still wont be happy.

So you say all this about her and still divorce her? Bs-

Karma is a bitch,i am sure it will visit this man someday.

Love sometimes is not enough in a marriage.only God knows how you can satisfy human being.

Really,I dont get it..something must be wrong somewhere, how will she just take 32b only?mayb shes also cheating or she started it sef..for her to take this small amount then she is not the victim.or there is a prenup..? .anyway wishing them or the best

Why all the drama. Polygamy would have solved this issue. Everyone wins

They sound like they will remarry after Jeff has fully explored his excitement of midlife crisis.

It really hurt me that Jeff have to treat this woman this way ..a woman when harnessed in the right place will bring you millions of foturnes ..thats why they are mostly involved in the use of rituals and the rest …I pray he doesnt regret his actions later for me when I find a good woman that I make this kinda of riches with ..not even angel Gabriella will make me leave her

Women are happy, if it was the other way round the man will be called lazy and shameless,,,,,Mary j blige and Mel b husbands were called gold diggers but since its a woman collecting 32 billion its okay and mind you the woman contributed noting to the business other than being his wife and mother to his children , but Mary and Mel b husbands once served as their managers, yet people felt they deserved nothing, later women will call men wicked doublestandard

if white men decide to be vegetable thats their business. you cant try this gold digger trick in nigeria.

Oh please shut up. She wrote the business proposals for amazon and was very involved in the business when it just started plus he cheated so she deserves every last penny. He should have kept his dick to himself. Mary J Blige didnt cheat on her husband and Mel B didnt cheat either so what you are saying makes no sense you moron

I dont want to predict doom but we all know that Jeff will have to divide that remaining moneyagain in no distant time and this his new Bae will want a high ratio. She doesnt look as kind as sweet McKenzie.

I dont like divorce but mehhhn I love white people. No cursing out each other, no sobbing quotes on Instagram, no fvckyou challenge, no calling karma for anybody. Quiet peaceful respectful people. They are really rich.

This reminds me of Cookie and Lucious minus the drama lol. Dont have all the facts but Mackenzie seems to be a keeper. Look at how amicable the divorce settlement went. Jeff, its like you lost a good one. Best of luck to both of them

Better divorce wey no get nasty noise like that razz tonto and her baby husband… dee

Now his wife is richer than our Dangote. Chaiiii.

I dunno even know why ppl marry, especially Americans, with divorce rate so high. Just have kids and pay child support.

Must you divorce her? your wife still loves you, its clear. Guess you want to explore.

Trust me some women are going into marriage with some richmen just to rub them off their wealth…. Why taking part of his money when you no longer want to have anything to do with him? After all the $10millions diamond ring, cars and all that u still want to leave him.. If not because u want that lion 🦁 share.. Ole

Why wont she be kind,she is settled for life…



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