New Management, New Mamasangs, New Girls Join us at The New Sugar Baby Agogo Bar Pattaya

Sugarbaby Go-Go & club is located on the world famous Walking Street in Pattaya. Our club opened in 2012 after having over 10 years of success withWindmill Club (Our big sister club). The Windmill Club got her reputation by being the naughtiest go-go bar in Pattaya.

If you are coming to Pattaya to meet beautiful girls and date them; Sugarbaby is the place best suited to your quest. Our motto is Pussy without attitude Sugarbabys girls are beautiful and look forward to meeting you.

Every go-go bar in Pattaya is proud to say they have got the best Go-Go dancers. Thats easy to say but its hard in practice. The fact is this: all men have different tastes, and the variety of tastes is surprisingly massive.

While every man wants a beautiful and sexy woman, no two men can see the same woman beautiful or sexy. Sugarbaby team knows this very well, and offer a wide range of girls for all tastes, in fact we have 60 girls in house with different body shapes for your pleasure. However, all our Thai girls have a unique attitude; they are naughty and love to have fun, & without attitude.

We like to have fun and love to be naughty

The one rule at SugarBaby is if you touch or want to play with a girl, please buy her a drink. They love tequila, & the more they consume the more fun they become.

Over the years, we have grown a reputation for having girls with no attitude, pleasant and welcoming. Our girls are so welcoming.

Walking Street has hundreds of bars and Go-Go bars with thousands of beautiful Thai women. This is no secret, the world knows about it. What most first time travelers to Pattaya dont know is that most go- go bars are offering the same old boring atmosphere.

Instead, at Sugarbaby we take the ago-go bar experience to whole other level, with specially choreographed shows that you will never see in any other ago-go bar in Pattaya.

The best shows are the ones with the girls in pairs. We want you to have the fun that you deserve. You walk in Sugarbaby club and after comfortably taking your seat, you will be on your way to having the night of your life guaranteed.

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At SugarBaby Ago-go, we have 4 big screen LED T.V.s showing live sports from UK Sky Sports. You can enjoy your cold beer in the company of a hottie, and at the same time watch your favorite sport event.

Our A go-go bar is 100% English owned and run by westerners including a Japanese manager, so if you have a problem with a girl, member of staff or a bill, let us know.

The bill is updated electronically every time you order drinks and you can check for yourself. If you have any questions, our manager is there to look after you.

If you have any problems with our girls, feel free to talk with our Thai mamasan, or on duty manager who will sort out any problems

Alternatively, you may contact us by email:[emailprotected]or phone: +66-

Why Sugarbaby AGo-Go? Look here, and see why!

PRIVATE PARTIES Private shows only for you Are you ready to be the ultimate Sugar Daddy? Imagine the entire club exclusively for you and your guests

Is there a special occasion coming up and you want to celebrate in style? Birthday Marriage Divorce SugarBaby Pattaya GoGo bar can plan a tailor made party for you and

Now you can join the elite group of people welcomed at the SugarBaby & Windmill VIP Club. If you like chilling out and partying with all the girls, get a VIP members

See our lovely and sexy dancers and service staff. See if you know anyone or wanna get to know some of them and make sure too check back often, to see our new ladies all the

My first time in Thailand (hence the virgin :).

Tried 8 different gogo clubs over 5 nights until I found SugarBaby Club. IMO by far the best gogo club in Walking Street.

Its by far the craziest A Go Go Club I have been in WS (Walking Street). The Pattaya girls here, are hot and willing to play whatever asked. Great!

One of my favorite entertainment gogo venues in Pattaya.

Cannot speak highly enough of Sugarbaby gogo club. This a gogo has constantly the hottest Pattaya girls. Love it!

This is one of the naughtiest gogos Ive been in in Pattaya. The girls are lot of fun, drink prices are reasonable. Decor is brand new as the club has just opened, same owners as theWindmill gogoby the looks of it – same mode of operation with the girls up for anything.

I am a regular in Sugarbaby gogo and my last couple of visits I have to

Everytime you order a lady drink, we get you to sign for it.

This prevents anybody adding a drink to your bill without permission.

Just another way to we ensure you have the best night ever with us.